Rental car route through the castle and the Roman theater in Sagunto

Visit the Roman Castle and Theatre in Sagunto

The fact that Sagunto is more than 2.000 years old, makes it one of the most important historical villages. Its highlights are the architecture,the different artistic styles, and especially the Roman theatre or castle.

The Sagunto Castle

Sagunto Castle

The Sagunto Castle is a defensive system of more than one kilometre, built on a hill that dominates the city.
Its walls are silent witness of the battles between Aníbal and the people of Sagunto and preserves its architectonical prints of the inhabitants such as: Iberians, Romans, arabes. It is divided in seven squares:

  • La plaza de Almenara.
  • La plaza de Armas.
  • La plaza de la Conejera.
  • La plaza de la Ciudadela.
  • La plaza Dos de Mayo.
  • La plaza de San Fernando.
  • La plaza de Estudiantes.

Due to it s historical importance, in 1931 it was stated as a National Monument

Roman theatre

Sagunto s roman theatre

We are talking about a building with huge dimensions, built in the 1st century when Tiberius was ruling the city. It has the peculiarity that it was excavated on the side of the hill, where the castle was built
It has a classical distribution, the tunnels and vomitaries used for the access and evacuation of the public deserve a special mention.
In 1896 it was declared as a National Monument and the subject of a contentions that allowed theatrical works.

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