Car route by Lake Anna

Visit to Anna's Lake

Anna's Lake is a sweet water lake situated in the locality of Anna, surrounded by forestal parks.
The waters that feed the lake proceed from the "ullals" (springs of water) that rise up from the lake bed and create a stream that leads to the river.It forms fabulous canyons and also large pools called "gorgó".
The forestal park is replanted continuously with a great variety of bushes and shrubs, aromatic plants, birds and aquatic fauna.

Anna s lake

In the middle of the lake, there is an artificial islet called "El merendero" to which you have access throughout the boats that you can rent and where gooses and ducks nest. One of the principal atractions of the place is a waterfall that covers the mountain and reaches a natural swimming pool of crystal clear water where you can enjoy a nice swim. The area also provides a variety of hiking rutes, an olimpic pool with a solarium, a playground and from Monday to Friday except for festivities, fishing is allowed.

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