Route by car to rent for Alicante mountains

Visit La Montaña in Alicante

The La Montaña district owes its name to its rugged orography and its ecological richness. These characteristics make it an ideal place for enjoying nature and for practicing mountain climbing, trekking or mountain biking.

Two nature parks lie within its boundaries. The largest of these, the Sierra de Mariola Nature Park, borders the towns of Agres, Alcoy, Alfafara, Bañeres de Mariola, Bocairente, Cocentaina and Muro de Alcoy, and offers several marked itineraries and recreation areas such as El Preventorio (a former tuberculosis sanatorium), Santa Barbara Hermitage, San Cristobal Hermitage and the Sanctuary of Mare de Déu d’Agres, as well as an artificial fridge where long ago they used to make ice from the snow.

La Font Roja Nature Park

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The other, Carrascar de la Font Roja Nature Park, is located between Ibi and Alcoy and is right in the middle of the Sierra del Menejador mountain range. Within the park is the Font Roja Sanctuary. In the same area is a hermitage dedicated to the Virgin of the Irises and another building, a former hotel which was renovated to house the Font Roja Natura information centre. (More information.)

A few kilometres away, where the rivers Barchell and Molinar meet, lies Alcoy, known as ‘the city of bridges’ due to having almost a dozen of them. These viaducts span the city’s rivers and ravines, enabling expansion and comunication, and also form part of the tourist Bridge Route that takes in the city’s main points of interest.

Alcoy City

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The route begins at Cristina bridge and ends at San Jorge, taking in the bridges of San Roque , Pechina, Tossal, Old San Roc, Alcázares and Cadisenyo. Visits along the way include the medieval towerNa Valora, Plaza de España and San Jorge Church, the epicentre of the internationally famous Moors and Christians Festival, among other places of interest.