Car Hire with snow chains

If at your destination you have snow or ice, then we highly recommend that you add the Snow chains to your reservation, these are inexpensive and gives you peace of mind to prepare your car for any possible climate eventuality.

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Don’t let the snow or ice prevent you from making the most of your car rental. In most cases you can continue driving in these areas by simply adding snow chains to the car tyres. On today’s tyres it is very simple to put them on and this will let you continue your journey which could be very difficult without the chains. Having peace of mind that your car has snow chains is just a click away. Add this extra to your car rental when you make your booking on our website. Or if the weather surprises you, you can ask for them directly at our office (subject to availability).

If you are not sure how to put snow chains on your car, then just ask a member of staff and they can give you instructions on how to do so. Nevertheless, here is a brief tutorial on how to use them.

Car hire with snow chains

There are many different types of Snow chains available, here we give a brief description of 2 of the most popular kind. Snow chains are placed on the drive wheels.

Snow socks or fabric snow chains

Snow chains


At Centauro Rent a Car we always recommend the use of snow chains in situations where driving normally your tyres could cause you to swerve

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