Safe Driving: Centauro Cleaning Protocol

Safe Driving Centauro

New Centauro Cleaning Protocol

Find out more about the new and very thorough cleaning protocol that we are implementing at Centauro 

Our priority is your safety. That is why we have implemented a new and very thorough cleaning protocol for our points of sale and for all our vehicles, so that your only concern will be enjoying the trip to your next destination behind the wheel.

  • When you get to our office:

    • We follow the recommendations of the health authorities and the World Health Organization (WHO):  At Centauro we obey the recommendations made by the authorities to ensure the safety of all our customers and employees.

    • Safety distance between customers: For your safety while in our offices, we need your cooperation to keep 2 meters’ distance between yourself and all our other customers.

    • Minimum contact in our offices: We disinfect all our surfaces rigorously and respect the required safety distance at our counters. Our team strives to offer you the best possible customer service , both friendly and polite, adapting it to the new safety measures.

    • We incorporate anti-contagion screens: All our counters are equipped with protective anti-contagion screens, to keep you safe from the moment you arrive at our office.

    • Disinfectant gels are available: When you arrive at our office you will find disinfectant gel dispensers available for you and for our employees.

  • When you pick up your car:

    • Safe key delivery: We hand the disinfected keys over to you in a sealed envelope.

    • Thorough cleaning of your vehicle: We perform an exclusive cleaning with special hygienic measures before we hand your car over to you. We adopt even more exhaustive cleaning measures for areas with greater direct contact such as the steering wheel, dashboard, seats or door handles, among others.

    • Delivery of sealed vehicles: Your vehicle will always be delivered after a thorough cleaning. Our team will seal the doors so that you will be the first person to access the vehicle after the cleaning

    • Home delivery service: Would you prefer that we bring your rental car to you? This new option will allow you to enjoy your rental car without having to go to our offices. The staff from our nearest office will take the rental car to your home, hotel or office, and they will also pick it up again when the rental period comes to an end.

With these new measures in our cleaning protocol, we guarantee that your driving experience will be as safe as ever.

Book your rental car as safely as possible