What kind of #roadlover are you?

We all have a #roadlover inside. So, what kind of #roadlover are you? Choose your style, participate in our raffle and win one of our prizes to enjoy your #roadtrip in your car hire at your leisure. 



Sport, adventure and the search for the most memorable experiences are at the heart of every good trip.  

Get off the beaten path, that's your/our motto. Try, try and try again. You prefer to avoid the crowds, and of course no one expects to find you lying under the sun on any beach. You can be found underwater doing scuba diving, or riding a bicycle, a surfboard, climbing or on the top of a mountain wearing a good pair of boots. 


The trip is the engine, but our fuel is music. 

Already in January the ads of artists performing in summer festivals pile up in your inbox. In many cases, you do not remember where it was, but you do remember the people you were with and what music was playing at that time. Each of your #Roadtrips has a soundtrack: every time you listen to it, the music transports you to that place, with those friends. 


In your list of new trips, there’s always a new city to discover. Alone or with someone else, for you the adventure of traveling is always connected to a new destination, where you can get lost in its streets, mingle with the locals, soak up its history and taste its gastronomy. Discover new places, those that can’t be found in travel guides, put on some good shoes and take pictures of that hidden side of the city. And who knows, every now and then, treat yourself and fill your trunk after a #Shopping day. Because for you, travelling means to immerse yourself in new cultures and always return with unforgettable experiences. 


The Brady bunch pales in comparison to you... For you, traveling is synonymous with discovering new places, new landscapes, the destination comes second after living new adventures with your family. 

In the countryside, in the city, short weekend getaways or long summer holidays, and that emotion that invades you when the time comes to discover the world together. And in the end, you know that the only things that matter are their smiles, those songs you sing while driving and the moments lived with family. 

Whichever the type of #Roadlover you are, we all share the same passion.