Are you a #freestyle #roadlover?

Are you a #freestyle #roadlover?

Adventure is your favorite destination. Wherever you travel to, sport and new experiences are a must. No matter what it is, trying new adrenaline triggers is written in your DNA.

Maybe it was in your childhood when you made that trip to the mountain, maybe in a school camp or even that summer you spent on the beach where you discovered surfing. Actually, it does not matter when it was the first time you felt the adrenaline rushing through your veins, what is really important is that this feeling is what makes you feel alive and motivates many of the #Roadtrips that you plan throughout the year.

Getting to the mountain top and finding there’s no one else there. You and your bike on top of a hill, just before starting the descent. Listen to your own breathing through the tube as you watch the fish flee before your eyes. The sun washing your back while you push your kayak on the way to that hidden cove …are sensations that make all the effort worthwhile.

A bicycle, a surfboard, mountain boots or scuba fins. The landscape and the accessories that you take with you are what is most important, but coming back home knowing that the days spent on the trip helped you release adrenaline and  get out of the routine of work. You could not have squeezed the time better.

You embody the words of Hunter S. Thompson because for you  life  should not be a trip to the grave aiming to reach safety with a beautiful and well-preserved body, but to come down skidding, in a cloud of smoke, completely worn out, and proclaim loudly: What a trip!!

Driving routes for #freestyle #roadlovers

Take note of the best car hire driving routes for #freestyle #roadlovers.

  • Surf through Portugal and southern Spain

    Portugal and southern Spain may be a good choice if you are planning to go on a surf trip. The best beaches, best waves, accommodations or best gadgets for your surf trip.

  • Prepare your #freestyle roadtrip

    The combination of travel, adventure and sport is usually a guaranteed success.Of course, before you even start the car make sure you have everything ready for your #freestyle trip