Are you a #urban #roadlover?

Are you a #roadlover #urban?

A #roadlover #urban gets behind the wheel to travel the world and go to all those cities yet to be discovered. 

You prefer drive your own route, you immerse yourself in each city mixing with the locals, learning from their customs and their stories. While you are on your way, do not   miss that cathedral that keeps thousands of secrets and stands the test of time for who knows how long, those museums that use art to tell us how people lived in another era or those buildings that are so characteristic of the place, and sometimes yes, you also treat yourself at the end of each trip and buy a gift for yourself on your last shopping day. 

Your backpack holds thousands of stories, the first car trip with your friends, taking on the world out there,  your first romantic getaway with your partner, where every corner of the city was magical or the first time you decided to travel alone and challenge yourself, even if you did not speak the language,  because you know that the best plans are those that are not planned beforehand. You only need comfortable footwear, that crumpled city map that ended up forgotten somewhere in the suitcase, and a thousand places to discover.   And in the end it does not matter where, just let you be surprised by what awaits you on your next trip, discovering once again,  all those places that tourists overlook in every new destination, for not daring to go beyond the beaten path. 

Driving routes for #urban #roadlovers

Take note of the best car hire driving routes for #urban #roadlovers.