Are you a #tribe #roadlover?

Are you a #tribe #roadlover?

The weekend arrives and you are already thinking about your next getaway, your family and you enjoy the trip as if there is no tomorrow,  the adventure runs through your veins. 

Traveling together has become your way of life, a passion that you pass down to your children, because for you, to live means to see the world, staying within four walls is too small for you. What you really like is to load the car with the camping kit and look for one of those unforgettable places to live nature first-hand. The day begins  with the sunlight  and you put the backpack on your shoulders, ready to go on an adventure, ready to discover together a new mountain route or a lost town in the middle of nowhere. 

And if it is a city route... the  alarm clock  wakes you up,  excitement, chaos and fights to get to the bathroom first, before  riding together and heading to the unknown corners of that city. You turn up the music volume and laughs are guaranteed when you challenge each other to see who can sing the loudest. 

No matter the route, or the direction, not even the destination, because  at the end of each trip you always return with new stories to tell the rest of the family, new memories full of laughs, adventures, surprises, the odd fight that now makes you all smile... and a million anecdotes. And  in the end, you know that what matters are the moments you share, challenging the routine, discovering together new places  beyond the beaten path. 

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