Convertible car hire

What better way to enjoy your car hire, the scenery and the great weather than by hiring a soft top or convertible car. At Centauro Rent a Car we offer you a convertible at the best price to enjoy every single moment of your journey.

Hiring a cabriolet gives you a different driving experience from that of a normal car. Discover for yourself the feeling of driving around in a cabriolet on your weekend break or holiday and enjoy the beautiful scenery around you. In addition, this vehicle type is normally sportier in design and certainly more eye catching than that of other car models with a hard roof.

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Select the car that best suits your needs, one you like the most and that you long to drive by simply booking one through our website. Then you will only have to go to the office you have chosen and collect the car that we have especially prepared for you.

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The unique experience of a cabriolet

The great weather that our country enjoys most of the year allows us to enjoy the rental of a convertible car at any time. This gives us the opportunity to take advantage of driving of a more relaxed vehicle type and with a sportier line than other conventional cars.

At Centauro Rent a Car, we offer a modern and comfortable fleet of convertible vehicles at your disposal, so you can enjoy one whenever you feel like it.

Long stretches of roads, feel closer to nature with views of dreamy landscapes ... all this and much more is part of the fun that awaits you when you get behind the wheel of one of our convertible cars.

Each of these vehicles seems to have been especially designed to give you a different driving experience to enjoy on your own or in good company. Feel special, comfortable and more attractive with one of our top of the range convertibles from Centauro Rent a Car.

Convertible car hire in Spain, Portugal and Italy Centauro Rent a Car

When to hire a convertible car?

If you ask any driver in Spain if at any time they have had the pleasure of driving a cabriolet car, then probably only a small percentage will be able to say yes. For many different reasons, a cabriolet is not normally the first choice a family would choose when buying a car. But who hasn’t wished of enjoying a totally new driving sensation if only for one day?

Driving a cabriolet around your city or on your holidays does not need to be a dream or be for others to enjoy. For a price that is within everybody’s reach, at Centauro Rent a Car we want to help make your dreams come true and have the opportunity to feel special & unique. Don’t hesitate and rent a convertible car and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

The best car routes in Spain

On our blog, we have got together a small guide with the best car routes in Spain, full of ideas if you are thinking of hiring a cabriolet. Can you imagine apart from the new and sensational feel of speed you can add the spectacular views of our country? At Centauro Rent a Car this is possible and we are here to help you.