6 of the best routes through Spain by car

Taking a road trip through the Iberian Peninsula is one of the most amazing adventures you can do in your life. Just choose a point of origin and your destination for the journey of a lifetime. At Centauro Rent a Car we want to share with you the 6 best routes to enjoy in Spain. Why not come and join us?

  1. We begin our drive through Castilla La Mancha, following in the footsteps of one of our most illustrious literary characters, the ingenious nobleman Don Quixote. An amazing adventure; get lost on the roads of the ‘Lagunas de Ruidera’ and enjoy a tasty tapa of the popular Manchego cheese.

Rute hire a car in Spain, castilla la mancha

  1. We continue our journey to Extremadura to enjoy “La Ruta de la Plata”, taking in Merida and Astorga along the way, these are ‘a must visit’. Try to take secondary roads, you won’t be disappointed. You will be delighted by beautiful landscapes and charming villages you can enjoy with your car hire.

  2. Another amazing route is through the Teide National Park in Tenerife. Lunar landscapes, a volcano which is the highest peak in Spain, viewpoints to contemplate the wonderful scenary above the clouds ... This route through the Teide National Park is ideal for nature lovers.

Teide,, Alquilar coche centauro

  1. Another must see route by car in Spain is the "Alpujarras" in Granada. Amazing landscapes, windy, narrow streets with beautiful paths and cosy white painted villages will take your breath away. Take this opportunity to enjoy this amazing route with your car hire and don’t miss trying the wonderful Serrano Ham.

  2. The Roman route through the Catalan region between ‘Suert’ and ‘Taüll’ will surprise you with it’s interesting culture as valuable as the Pantocrator. In fact, UNESCO considered several temples and buildings in the area, including the ‘Church of San Clemente’ and the ‘Church of Santa Maria de Taüll’ as World Heritage sites.

  3. In Valencia, discover the route of the Castles of Vinalopó: This medieval itinerary is the perfect choice for lovers of the Mediaeval era and fans of stories of cloaks and daggers. Visit magnificent castles built between the 12th and 16th centuries. This route is a perfect choice get to know how this type of architecture was developed throughout history.

Villena, Seis mejores rutas en coche españa

These are just some of the many possibilities of routes throughout Spain with your car. We would love to know your favourite itinerary, why not share it with us?

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