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What to see, do and visit in Kos and its surroundings with your rental car

Kos Airport

Kos International Airport - Hippocrates is located in the southwest of Kos island, in the Greek Islands archipelago. It is a wonderful location for you to make the most of your holidays, with excellent weather and wonderful beaches, as well as historical monuments that will let you re-live history.

From the airport you can fly to Greece’s main destinations such as Athens, Sparta, Rhodes, Santorini, Chania in Crete or Thessaloniki; as well as important international tourist destinations, like the main cities of Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Germany and the Netherlands. The airport is very well connected by four roads, through which you can move around the city driving your rental car.

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Car hire at the Kos Airport

The island of Kos is one of the paradisiacal enclaves of the Greek Islands archipelago. It is located in the Dodecanese, in the Aegean Sea. It is a place with spectacular fine white sand beaches and crystal clear water that will not leave you indifferent, it’s perfect for tourism. Kos’ economy is also based on corn and wheat agriculture.

But its different enclaves and natural landscapes along the island are the most important thing about Kos. For this reason, car hire at Kos Airport is one of the best options to explore the island at your leisure. Most tourists arrive by plane, which is the fastest way. Driving through the island’s inland territory will allow you cover every corner, from secret beaches, to cities such as Kos or Marmari.

Car hire in Kos is the best way, therefore, to go on a Kos driving route, since you can get to any corner without missing anything, in the shortest time possible.

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Kos tourist information

What to see in Kos

Kos is one of the favorites island for tourists heading to Greece to spend their holidays. No wonder, as it is one of the most exotic places in the Mediterranean. In Kos you will enjoy genuine nature, combining the best beaches with important monuments of the past from the Greek Ancient Age.

Some of its main attractions are the Castle of the Knights, in Kos; the Asklepion, which is the oldest place in Kos, located 4 kilometers from the city. It is a sanctuary dedicated to the God of healing. On the other hand, we find magical places like the Hippocratic Museum, the Archaeological Museum or the Folk Museum.

Of course, in addition to its daytime life, Kos offers its visitors a magnificent nightlife. To have a good time you must choose places like the Heaven club, in Lampi; or the West bar, in downtown Kos, with an outdoor area.

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Driving route through Kos

In addition to Kos’ innumerable corners of cultural heritage, the island has lush beaches that should be visited by car. All of them have golden sands and huge cliffs. Some of the most important are Mastichari beach, Kardamena beach, Kefalos beach, Camel beach, Tigaky beach, Agios Fokas beach or Thermes beach.

The best way to get to all these places is driving a car, as it allows visitors to move around freely and access these maritime enclaves in the shortest possible time. Some of them have thermal and medicinal water areas recommended for skin and body treatments.

For most tourists, if you want to know the island of Kos in depth, one week is more than enough to see everything it has to offer. We recommend choosing a place as a destination for your stay and going on short driving trips during the day to return at dusk to your accommodation. The roads are perfectly paved and there is not much traffic, so Roadtrip through Kos is perfect for getting to know the island.

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Wheather in Kos

Kos island has a moderate Mediterranean weather, summers are usually hot from June to September, although dry in the mountains and wet near the sea. Winters are quite mild and short.

It is worth noting that January is the coldest month of the year, temperatures can reach 10º. During the summer, temperatures may reach 34º C but the rest of the year is sunny and warm, with an average of 22º, so you will have good weather during your trip on the road.

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