The 5 best Apps to be stay in shape while travelling

Are you always keeping an eye on your physical condition when you’re out travelling? Do you want to stay in shape wherever you go? If you are a sports lover and you like to take care of yourself while you are away from home, these apps for travelers will help you not to miss a beat.

Best apps for travelers to stay in shape when you’re far from home

For many of us, it is very important to stay in shape anywhere we are. Our smartphone has apps that have become essential when driving , and the best gadgets for organizing trips, but we can also install some apps to take care of our body when we’re far from home. Do you want to know about them?

1. Apps that help you do physical exercise while on a trip

If you are looking for physical exercise apps, we recommend Freeletics Bodyweight for your smartphone. It is a training program with different modalities that focuses on routines to sculpt the body or lose weight. It is perfect to exercise during our trips because you will not need weights or equipment. In addition, this app comes with videos that explain in detail how to perform the exercises correctly and avoid injuries. And, as if that were not enough, it helps you watch your diet.

Apps para estar en forma mientras viajas

2. An app to watch your diet 

Runtastic Balance is an excellent calories counting app, it advises you on nutrition and healthy living. You can write down everything you eat and get practical and quick information on nutrition. It helps you adopt healthier habits, get better at choosing what to eat and reach the balance that your body needs.

3. Calories/step counting apps

Pedometer helps you find out the distance you travel daily and have access to your last weeks or months history, among other data. You can monitor your caloric intake and adjust it to your physical state. A very customizable application that will allow you to analyze this information in detail during your trips.

4. An app to monitor your sports routines

Myfitnesspal is a great app for anyone who wants to lead a healthier life. An excellent option to monitor your sports routines through nutrition and exercise. With this app you will have a very effective guide to take care of your food intake by recording what you eat every day. In addition, you have a series of exercise routines and a record of your progress in terms of goals and calories. It's all you need to stay within your limits while you’re travelling.

Apps viajes estar en forma

5. Running apps

If you like take the bike with you on your trips or like to go running, Strava is an app that will definitely interest you. It shows you your pace per kilometer, pulsations (if you use a heart rate monitor), altitude, distance, time... You can even have it remind you of your pace every so often (or after having run a number of kilometers).

A very interesting option is the segments: user-created routes against which you can measure your level and monitor your results. It's an extra motivation if you like to stay competitive.

Taking care of yourself and exercising during your leisure or work trips is easier than ever thanks to the travel and health apps that we have shown you. Thanks to them, you will have no excuse to take care of your diet and to program your training routines wherever you are. Get these apps for travelers and you'll see how your body will appreciate it!

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