8 essential apps for motorists

If we use our mobile phone, we are sure to find a good selection of apps that can help us with our driving. Nowadays it is not necessary to have a GPS incorporated within our car. Today’s apps can help us to get to our destination, choose the shortest route and with the least traffic, or even where to find a parking space. These are just a few of the functions that will make our day-to-day life much easier. At Centauro Rent a Car, we have chosen a selection of 8 of the best apps for you.

Google Maps

No introduction is necessary for this navigation service that is used for both the road and anything relating to public transport. With Google maps, we no longer need to stop and ask for directions. Continuous updates and precise location makes it essential for drivers. The main problem? Data use, especially if we are using the app over long periods.

Google Maps APP


Alongside Google, Waze is one of the other main tools to help your driving in cities. It’s no surprise therefore that the computer giant has just acquired this Israeli app. Based on comments made from drivers themselves, Waze has been defined as a social navigation site that already has more than 50 million users. The integration of these comments into the app has helped optimize routes in real time.

Waze APP


The ‘Dirección General de Tráfico’ (General directorate of Traffic) have also created a driving app. The most interesting feature is the up-to-date and most accurate travel information of any incidents on any roads. We can also create our own traffic routes, have access to the DGT traffic cameras (highly recommended), contact 112 (emergency services) directly or locate speed cameras.


My Car Locator

How many of us have forgotten where we have parked our car especially if we are in a city that we are not familiar with? There are many apps available to give us the exact location of our vehicle but we would recommend using My Car Locator that is easy to use and gives us a precise GPS location.

My car locator app

Drive Smart

Drive Smart is an app for both novice and experienced drivers. Created in Spain, the app analyses habits and behaviours of drivers to help improve safety. The information provided helps to correct bad habits drivers have behind the wheel. The only down side is that the app needs a smartphone with the latest GPS sensors.

Drive Smart APP


Another Spanish company that helps us on our day-to-day behind the wheel is Wayzpark. Thanks to Bluetooth technology and participation of other users (they already have 100,000), Wayzpark tells us of available parking spaces in our cities. The best thing about this app is that our smartphone will automatically let users know of nearby of any parking spaces.

Wazypark APP

Gasolineras de España (Spanish Petrol Stations)

Looking for a low cost petrol station? Are you always filling up at the most expensive ones? Gasolineras de España provides us with information on the price per litre as well as enabling our GPS to take us there. Highly recommended if we want to make a saving.

Gasolineras espana APP


At most regulated car parks in the majority of cities in Spain, it is no longer necessary to go to a parking meter to obtain your parking ticket. At present, there aren’t any apps that cover the whole country so you will need to locate one that applies to the particular location you are in.

Elparking or Telpark, are the best ones at the moment and manages from your mobile phone payment for the parking time required and also allows you to extend parking from wherever you are to the maximum time period allowed. You now longer have to return to your parking because you have run out of time. If you return to your car earlier than the time you have paid for, you even have the option to ‘unpark’ to not pay for time that you have not used. This is without a doubt great progress for any driver in the city.

Telpark APP

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