We've changed so much! How were car trips in '73

Do you remember what it was like to travel by car? The whole family went crammed like sardines in a Seat 600, but... we were so happy.

We can now remember those wonderful road trips, as we call them now that we’re so stylish, with a rental car. Long live the 70s and car trips!

Cómo eran los viajes en coche en el '73

The unforgettable road trips in 1973

Road trips were a whole family endeavor, sometimes up to seven people crammed in a Seat 600, although this is history now. But surely if you were born in the 70s you will have experienced it just like us. We all went with great enthusiasm, it was an adventure, even though at best we went no further than Madrid, Barcelona or to our parents' town. Eight or ten hours that today are covered in the blink of an eye. But, despite how exhausting they were, we went through the experience with the innocence of an era that is gone.

The air conditioning was an open window with the breeze hitting us in the face while we kept our eyes closed. The games we played did not need mobile phones and their whatsapp messages or the Play station, they were the songs we sang together... looking for the Osborne bulls on the horizon and between one song and the other, uttering the famous catchphrase "Are we there yet?"

And the meals! no wok or hamburger, but an omelet or bologna sandwich that mom had prepared before leaving, with a can of soda in those legendary picnics of 1973... And she was always the first one who got up to organize everything. When we got tired, we took a satisfying nap lying on the mattress in the back.

You got to see what the car trips were like! Maybe a little uncomfortable, yes, but ... we were so happy!

The feeling of family union was very deep... shared laughter, confidences, talks... a bit of everything during those journeys that we still remember with nostalgia and affection. And although it took ages to get there, the excitement and anecdotes we had on the trip were well worth it.

The pleasure of discovering new roads and traveling alone gives you the freedom to drive aimlessly and remember, with a smile, how we have changed.

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