Visit Valencia in two days: Tradition & Avant-Garde

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The city of Valencia treasures magnificent monuments, interesting cultural places and natural spaces worth knowing. Due to its size, it´s possible to visit the most interesting areas in just a couple days.

If you are thinking about enjoying a weekend in Valencia, we recommend you to organize the visit. Prepare a tour to optimize the time you are going to spend in the city. Visit Valencia in two days is possible, if you know how to do it.

We can define the city of Valencia as a perfect equilibrium of tradition and avant-garde, we propose you dedicate one day to discover each type of visit.

Day 1: Historic and monumental Valencia

Valencia has a rich legacy, in fact, the city of Valencia has one of the largest historical city centres of Spain, you can appreciate this in numerous spaces and monuments all over the city.

To begin our 2-day tour in Valencia, start with a pleasant walk thought the centre and visit the impressive cathedral, located close to “La Plaza de la Virgen”. The lovers of art will be breathtaken by this impressive arquitecture.

Visitors will find it interesting to roam among different architectural styles in the area, such as La “Plaza de la Almonia”, The “Palace of the Generalitat” or the “Basílica de la Virgen”. Walking to “Plaza de la Reina” you can have a look to the Central Market, one of the biggest in Europe, located in a beautiful pre-modernist building.

Nearby, you will find “La Lonja de la Seda”, a great example of European Gothic Arquitecture declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, whose silent gargoyles intimidate visitors with a stony look.

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Other fantastic monuments you shouldn´t miss are “El Palacio del Marqués de Dos Aguas” or the “University of Valencia”, along this path you will find a multitude of palaces, squares and churches of extraordinary historical & architectural value.

After spending this intensive morning in one of the most important historical city centres of Spain, it´s time to enjoy Valencia with its exquisite gastronomy by eating at one of its most famous restaurants or tapas in the centre. We should eat quickly as visiting Valencia in two days is a challenge that leaves us no time to lose.

During the afternoon we can visit the Museum of Valencian History or the Museum of Fine Arts in Valencia. The “Museo Fallero” represents a unique opportunity to approach the Valencian culture and tradition par excellence in case you do not visit Valencia during “Fallas”, a valencian tradition well known along the world.

When night falls we recommend you have dinner near the port and have a few drinks in this lively area of the city, don´t hesitate to take a walk and enjoy a starry night if the weather is nice.

Day 2: Modern & Avant-garde Valencia

Valencia is an avant-garde city, a symbol of progress and constant innovation. The city boasts monuments and spaces that are the latest exponent of contemporary art.

On our second day during our weekend, we will dedicate the morning visiting The City of Arts & Sciences and the Oceanografic. The visit requires time, we recommend you arrive at the opening time of 10 AM.

City of Arts & Sciences, Roadtrip Valencia

To save some time we can eat at the museum´s restaurant before continuing our tour of Valencia, or if you prefer, you can have some sandwiches next to the Turia Gardens, a large space full of treasures and surprises, crossing the river with innumerable beautiful bridges, several of them are works of the famous and controversial Santiago Calatrava.

On the last stage of our challenge of visiting Valencia in two days, some good options to complete our avant-garde tour of Valencia are to visit the Royal Navy Juan Carlos I, the Palace of Congresses or the great sculpture Dama Ibérica.

Those interested in shopping can spend a couple of hours in the Aqua Shopping Centre or in the Nuevo Centro Shopping Centre, which close late.

We hope you enjoy your short but intense weekend in Valencia!

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