Routes by car to the best coves in Menorca

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Menorca is one of the most contrasting islands of the Iberian peninsula, with only 20km from north to south and 6km from east to west, this island offers a variety of different landscapes, from pristine beaches of golden sand to secluded beaches of dark slate rock.

Whichever type of beach you are dreaming of for your holiday, you will find what you are looking for with our car route of the best beaches & coves in Menorca.

We start our route in the south of Menorca, where we will fall in love with the turquoise waters of the beaches in Cala Galdana. This beautiful beach is one of the most popular ones for families. This is an ideal area for your holidays as you can find a wide selection of hotels, restaurants and shops to buy your holiday souvenirs.

Cala Macarella Ruta en coche de alquiler MenorcaNear to here, you can travel with your car hire to Cala Macarella or to the smaller sister beach of Cala Macarelleta. These two beaches are very popular so we recommend that you make an early start to get the best spot. We recommend that you take your snorkelling kit with you to enjoy the coastline that this u shaped cover has to offer.

From Cala Macarelleta, we can take a 2km walk to enjoy the beautiful clear waters of Cala Turqueta. This unspoilt cove is only 10km from Ciudatella, the capital of Menorca. From here we go to Es Talaiera, another hidden gem of Menorca, with its amazing clear green waters is a great place to enjoy the great weather under a pine forest by the sea.

If you prefer hidden landscapes and away from the crowds, then we recommend Cala Escorzada, one of Menorca’s best kept secrets. To reach this area, you must either make an hours hike from the car park of Cala Mitjana, by boat or by water taxi.

Cala Pregonda ruta coche de alquiler MenorcaLastly, a mention for Cala Pregonda located to the north, near to Fornells, this protected cove is far from civilization and has no hotel or bar services so we recommend that you go well equipped with your own food and drink if you want to spend the day here. The contrast of this beach is the reddish sands and green waters that set it apart from the others.

If you want to check our other beaches & covers on offer in Menorca, then click on the following link to see other routes you can go on with your car hire. Enjoy them all!


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