Routes around the best forests and walking trails in Madrid & Andalucia

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The autumn is the perfect time to discover the natural beauty close to home. We may feel lazy to go out and enjoy a walk, especially if it is cold, but we are sure that once you see the views that we have to offer you,  we are certain that you will want to get up and discover the routes that we have close by to home. Put on your seatbelt, start your engine, and get ready to enjoy the walking routes around Madrid & Andalucia this autumn.

Walking route 1: Hayedo de Montejo National Park, Madrid

They are many hiking routes near to Madrid, but Hayedo de Montejo stands out above the rest due to its impressive autumnal landscapes. There are three different routes to see the forest from different perspectives, but we recommend, especially if it is your first visit, the river path. This route is suitable for children, and adults of all ages and for those that are not used to doing much exercise.

However, as this is a protected area, access is limited and the visit must be with a guide. We recommend that you book you visit online a few weeks in advance or get up early to get your ticket for the same day.

Walking route 2: Hayedo de Tejera Negra National Park, Guadalajara

Close to Hayedo de Montejo, we can find Hayedo de Tejera Negra, located in the province of Guadalajara, easily accessible from Madrid. In addition to the beech trees, you can also find pine trees, birches & oaks that creates a wonderful autumnal setting. You must be careful not to slip on the moss, as it is a very humid area due to its proximity to the Zarza & Lilas Rivers.

In addition, if you enjoy riding your bike instead of walking, then this forest also has a path for you. As a curiosity, this beech forest is located the most south in all of Spain.

Walking Routes in Madrid & Andalucia

Walking route 3: Castañar de los Morales, Madrid

Just an hour from the capital, we can find one of the largest chestnut trees in all of the Iberian Peninsula, with an area of 33 hectares and a trail route of 3kms; this is an ideal walk. In addition, the chestnut of the Morales surrounds the beautiful reservoir of the same name. If you are lucky, you can see a wide range of birds such as stork’s, vultures or eagles. Although it is a beautiful place all year round, autumn gives it a special colour.

Walking route 4: Valle del Genal, Málaga

Although the Andalusian autumn is warmer, it also gives us some amazing landscapes. In the province of Malaga, we can find the valley of Genal where chestnut trees abound in all their splendour. In November, the Valley of the Genal becomes a picture postcard, when all the leaves from the trees begin to fall. It is by far on of the most beautiful hiking routes in Andalusia, full of yellow, orange & gold tones. Another reason to visit here are the many different routes that you can take varying in length and difficulty that allows you to enjoy the landscape whatever your physical condition.

Walking Routes in Madrid & Andalucia

Walking route 5: The ‘Puentes colgantes de los Cahorros’, Granada

To finish, we propose one of the best hiking routes in Andalusia and one to enjoy with all of the Family. In the small village of Monachil, just 8kms form Granada there is a route full of adventures. On your walk, you will pass by hanging bridges, tunnels & caves. It is a very easy route and the children will feel like real explorers. Along your way, you can enjoy the lovely views full of aromatic herbs and fruit trees.


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