Road trip through the gloomiest haunted houses in Spain

An alternative plan: a road trip to Spain’s haunted houses

If you like driving and travelling, and you like paranormal phenomena, then the perfect plan for your Halloween is to take a drive to visit Spain's spookiest houses. Nothing better than enjoying a night of terror in ghostly places where spirits live in cities like Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona or Seville, where you can find buildings that harbor stories that are bloodcurdling for the bravest among us.

Road trip to visit Spain’s most mysterious houses

These haunted houses in Spain conceal within their walls stories of murders and unlucky blows of fate that have made them authentic scenarios of terror. Are you still listening? Here are some terrifying places to spend a thrilling Halloween... But we warn you, even the most skeptical will want to run for their lives when they hear footsteps approaching them in these haunted houses.

Road trip casas encantadas España

Palacio de Linares, Madrid

This gloomy building is located in the heart of Madrid. It was built between 1877 and 1900, and it conceals a terrifying story within its walls. It is said that José de Murga y Reolid and Raimunda, the Marquises of Linares, got married without knowing that they were half-siblings, although according to their last will and testament they never managed to have children... Supposedly. In the palace you will find a dollhouse of their alleged daughter, who was murdered and walled in because she was the fruit of incest.

Alfaguara Sanatorium, Granada

In Granada you will find an old sanatorium built in 1923 with a donation from the German Lady Berta Wilhelmi. The Alfaguara Sanatorium was built to help treat tuberculosis in times of war. As the years went by, this chilling sanatorium, which had a wing for children, ended up closing, although no one knows precisely why. Perhaps it has to do with the silhouettes that can be seen swarming among its ruins and the voices that a few brave souls who have dared to spend the night there have recorded in electronic voice recordings.

Preventorio de Aigües de Busot, Alicante

This impressive building was built at the end of the 19th century by the Count de Casa de Rojas and Marquis de Bosch to serve as a resting place for wealthy persons. Years later it became a hospital where numerous deaths occurred during turbulent times. Today, at this old hospital, voices are heard, shadows slide by and, according to legend, a woman in white is seen crying when calamities approach. The sad story of this place tells that before the building was closed it was used as a hospital to treat children with tuberculosis who suffered abuses at the prevention clinic. Could that be the origin of the mystery?

Verge del Toro Hospital, Menorca

The island of Menorca holds many surprises for you, including buildings such as the Verge del Toro Hospital, closed in 2007 after 60 years of activity. That same year the Spanish military police and the local police force went to the hospital after being warned by a security watchman; they hoped to simply find some thieves, but instead they heard macabre laughter, whispers, lights going on and off for no reason and, most horrifying of all, heavy beds and furniture being dragged from one room to another. A building as terrifying as the report left by the security forces.

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La Casa de las Sirenas, Seville

The last chilling place on our Halloween road trip, but not the least interesting, is the beautiful Casa de las Sirenas, in Seville. This old building dating from 1864 changed hands several times over the course of the twentieth century until falling into neglect in the eighties. When the building was in ruins, figures began to be seen through the windows, and wailing was heard. Who knows what this old palace hides.

A truly mysterious journey

If mystery is what you crave and you would like to feel your blood curdle in terrifying surroundings, then this car getaway to visit the gloomiest buildings in Spain is just the thing for you. Have a terrific time, #Roadlover!

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