Discover the Milan Fashion Route – Only for followers of fashion

A high percentage of those who set their sights on Milan as a tourist destination clearly intend to do some shopping on the most fashionable streets in the world. Taking in the some sights whilst making some incredible purchases at the same time is ideal for any fashion follower. A fabulous city with elegance and taste and where the latest trends are set every year. Welcome to the Milan Fashion Route.

Alquiler coches moda Milán Centauro Rent a Car

The Fashion Quadrilateral, starting near the Duomo

If it is your first visit, you will be pleased to know that in this European destination where more trends are set per square centimetre is also where you can find some amazing discounts. However, you have to act like a local. Here we give you some pointers.
One recommendation we make so that you enjoy the mecca of European fashion to the fullest and whilst looking like a local, is to travel the city by car. This option will allow you not only to go shopping but will allow you to do some sightseeing at the same time. Be brave, travel around a new city, and fit in like a local. You will need to put in your GPS any of these street locations:

  1. Via Montenapoleone

  2. Via Alessandro Manzoni

  3. Via della Spiga

  4. Via Sant'Andrea

These four streets are the main areas of the well-known Milan quadrilateral just a few metres from the Duomo. Park your car and get ready for a full days shopping in Milan. Do not be afraid or shy of going in shops like Armani for example. The most exclusive brand names offer some incredible sales inside which they do not display on the shop front window. A matter of style & elegance.

Vittorio Emanuele II, another stop

You don’t need to move your car, you can continue to the popular Duomo on foot. In this area, you can find a wide selection of shops, some of which are popular Spanish designers. From the ‘Plaza del Duomo’ until ‘Santa Babila, get ready for some intense shopping!

In the surrounding areas of the Milanese cathedral you can find some of the exclusive items you dream about. If you cannot afford to make a purchase, then why not at least have a try-on?

Vittorio Emanuele II Galería Moda Milán Alquiler de Coches

Via Torino or Corso Buenos Aires, other points of interest

It is easy to walk from one area to another. Some longer walks but are worth it just to take in the atmosphere that this fashionable Italian city has to offer.

Take a note of these two address to complete your trip around the wonderful city of Milan. A city not only famous for its international fashion week but one of culture and history.

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