Let’s go to Fest Ciutat! A new festival is in sight

- Roadlovers

Are you ready for a new route #MusicOnTheRoad? 

If you love festivals, you will enjoy Fest Ciutat this coming 11th and 12th of October. A new festival where you will be able to celebrate the autumn to the rhythm of the music on Majorca.

The festival features some of the biggest names intoday’s Indie music, including bands such as Love of Lesbian, Elyella, Cariño, Vive la Fete, La Casa Azul, Hinds, Amatria, New Day, Brigitte Laverne, Innmir, The Grooves, Agoraphobia, Paula Serra Dj and Jes Set Dj that will make you move to the beat in a big way. 

But Fest Ciutat is not any old festival. There they know that we are all part of the change, and therefore they have joined Keychange, a European program whose proposal it is to have gender equality in festivals by the year 2022. Do you want to be part of the change? They invite us to create a better future to the beat of the music with sustainability and recycling campaigns  during the event.

Fest Ciutat Centauro Rent a Car

Get your car ready, we are going to Fest Ciutat!

We are determined not to miss it, and so this coming 11th of October we will set off on the road with our blanket and show up at this Festival, which is sure to be a treat. Have you been bitten by the bug? Here is some advice to put you into the mood for a festival: 

  • Prepare the route to the festival with your rental car: Because  singing out of tune at the wheel with your friends or losing your voice at a festival is one of those great plans that we love…   Before you leave home, get your bag ready for the festival, set up the best apps on your cell phone and track down the best travel gadgets for your rental car.
  • And since you are already there, you can take a road trip on Majorca: We know that you are going to go from concert to concert, but  traveling to Majorca without spending some time on the city is a sin… Set aside one day for your quick trip around Majorca and visit the Cathedral of Palma, the Royal Palace of La Almudaina, the S’Hort des Rei Gardens, the Drach Caves and Bellver Castle

Fest Ciutat Music Festival Majorca Centauro Rent a Car

  • Rent your car for Fest Ciutat at a discount: If you are already determined not to miss Fest Ciutat for anything in the world, then you can rent your car on Majorca at a 15% discount by booking with the following code: FESTCIUTAT19. Don’t say that we didn’t make it easy for you! 
  • Would you like to receive a week’s rental free of charge for your next #Roadtrip? If you are determined not to miss it for anything in the world, then we hope to see you at the festival. On the 11th and 12th you can look for our corner at the festival and take part in our social network dynamics, where we will hold a drawing for a week’s car rental free of charge. Who knows. . . Maybe your next #Roadtrip is right around the corner and it will not cost you anything! 

Are you ready for your next Festival #MusicOnTheRoad? We’ll see each over at Fest Ciutat, #Roadlover! 

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