Driving getaway at Sevilla’s “Feria de Abril”

Sevilla and April are two words that are irremediably connected whether you are Andalusian or not. In fact, the two are also connected to the idea of going on a road trip with friends. Can there be a better destination offering on any given date a unique weather, a unique setting and guaranteed fun? If you want to avoid the temptation of getting behind the wheel and driving to the “Feria de Abril”, you better stop reading.

Still reading? If so, when you’re done reading this post you won’t say we didn’t tell you that in the end you’d be making reservations for a getaway to the Feria de Abril.

The Feria de Abril driving route is a date with fun

Celebrate spring, friendship, life. Anyway, we leave to you finding the occasion for this unforgettable trip to one of the most famous cities in the world; of course you should know that this fame is certainly well gained.

Before you surrender to the charms of the city of the world’s largest Gothic cathedral, or the Torre del Oro, let’s check everything you need to know before booking your car hire for the “Feria de Abril”.

Like all fairs, Sevilla’s Feria de Abril began as a trade fair in 1846. Originally the fair took place on this month and had a duration of three days. The first year there were 25,000 visitors. An inconceivable figure that would be the best prediction of what this fair would become.

Driving route feria de abril sevilla

What not to miss at the Feria de Abril

Currently, the “feria de abril” goes on night and day. Until a couple of years ago the fair went from Tuesday to Sunday. Nowadays the fair starts with the famous “noche del pescaito”, which always falls on Friday and concludes on the Sunday of the following week. On this night the tradition is to celebrate the beginning of the fair eating fried fish at the booths. A fair of 10 days in which “fino” wine is the drink par excellence and seafood the visitors’ favorite food.

Another curiosity you should know is that the colorful horses, amazons, horsemen and carriages run around the “Real” sector during the day, not during the night. Likewise, during the day flamenco dresses are more colorful, and more elegant during the night. The dresses are colorful and full of ruffles. Nowadays a real street walkway.

Although the majority of the booths are private, Sevilla’s hospitality knows no limits, you can attend public booths and not miss anything from the most famous fair in the world.

You will also have to pay attention to the lighting. The photo on the facade of the fair will be a mandatory snapshot. Enjoy the lighting of the “Real” sector, pure bliss.

Driving route feria de abril Sevilla

Live the fair like a Sevillian

Now take note of the curiosities and everything you must do at Sevilla’s “Feria de Abril”:

  1. Ride a horse-drawn carriage to the fair, crossing any of the bridges over the Guadalquivir.

  2. Drink “fino” wine while sitting in a straw-bottomed chair.

  3. Dancing “sevillanas” even if you don’t know how to. Get carried away. If you need more preparation, you can always check a tutorial.

  4. See the fireworks on the last day of the fair. Again, watching them from any of the bridges will be an extraordinary event.

  5. Go to the funfair, called “Calle del Infierno” to ride the Ferris wheel.

Once you have tried all these activities, you can be contented with this unforgettable driving trip.

Discover Sevilla

A good idea is to take advantage of the “Feria de Abril” getaway to make a visit to Sevilla. Of course that will be possible only if you do not get too carried away by the spirit of the fair. If you have some time left, take note:

  1. The Sevilla cathedral. How could you not visit the largest Gothic monument in the world?

  2. A walk along Paseo de Colón passing through Torre del Oro or the “costurero de la reina”.

  3. The architectural wonder of Plaza de España next to the famous gardens of María Luisa.

  4. Triana. The neighborhood to have a beer or eat some tapas. The neighborhood to attend a flamenco show and have a true Sevilla experience, although this can really be done anywhere.

  5. The Santa Cruz neighborhood. A good option is to get from the cathedral to the neighborhood where Dona Elvira's square is located, crossing the Reales Alcázares gardens, one of the sites of “Game of Thrones”.

Now we’re done reviewing the driving route to the “feria de abril” , last thing is wishing you a good trip!

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