How affects correct tire pressure to fuel-saving?

Have you ever stopped to think about how to keep your car's tire pressure under control? Having tires at the correct pressure as indicated by the manufacturer will help you to drive more safely, reduce fuel consumption and reduce wear on tires.

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Under-inflated tires: If your tires are not properly inflated, they will put less pressure on the wheel rims, and you may even find that your tires are low as a result of a flat tire. This situation can lead to increased tire wear, reduced useful life for tires, increased fuel consumption, or in the worst case, can lead to safety problems when driving.

  • Highly inflated tires: When faced with the challenge of keeping our tires in an optimal state, you might think that it is a good thing to overinflate the tires so that they stay inflated longer. This solution would not be a good idea however, since the tires will tend to be more rigid when the pressure is greater than indicated. Keeping the tires highly inflated can make them more prone to damage when they come in contact with an uneven surface.

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How to save fuel with the right tire pressure

If you are going to take a trip, consider the load and the road ahead. You can put a little more pressure in the tires for long-distance trips. In any case, we recommend that you check the correct pressure:

  • Having a tire pressure of 3psi below the manufacturer's recommendation can lead to 10% more tire wear and up to 1% more fuel consumption for the same trip 

  • Having a tire pressure of 10psi below what is indicated can lead to up to 3% more fuel consumption and 45% more wear on your vehicle. 

How can I get the right tire pressure? 

The best recommendation for putting the correct pressure in your tires is to have them adjusted to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer. This measure has been tested and verified by the manufacturer for optimal driving and calibration of your car, to ensure better operation of your vehicle and maximum driving safety on your road trips.

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  • Check the tire pressure before you take your vehicle out in traffic: This way, you can verify the actual state of the tires. We recommended taking the tire pressure measurement before the car has traveled too far along the road, since driving your vehicle sets the air inside the tires in motion and the wheels can swell. 

  • Measure the tire pressure at your nearest gas station: If it is not possible to measure your tire before taking your car out on the road, then you can go to the nearest gas station, to prevent the tires from warming up before the measurement. 

  • Look up the recommended tire pressure in your owner's manual or on a sticker on the inside of the door on the driver’s side. 

  • Extend the kingpin and adjust the special gauge, if possible an electronic gauge, to determine your car’s tire pressure**;** then fill the tires to a point as close as possible to the maximum recommendation for your car’s brand.   

If you enjoy driving all year round, we recommend that you consider which is your best option for tires: winter tires, or All-Season tires. Whichever it may be, always remember to keep your car up-to-date so that you can enjoy an unforgettable experience on the road.

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