6 tips for enjoying your road trip

Whether or not you are on vacation, a nice road trip is always a good idea. Here are our 6 tips so that your road trip goes smoothly.

1. Plan your route carefully and leave room for adventure

Traveling by car lets you move freely, going wherever you want and as you like. In the end, this is the form of transportation that gives us the most autonomy as travelers. We recommend that you plan your road trip before you leave home, and also that you leave some room for adventure, so that your experience is more interesting. An alternative route in case of traffic jams or peak vacation travel days is always a good idea.

2. Your car should be in good working order before you go 

Before you set off, check that your car is shipshape and that the tires, oil and break fluid are under control. And although it might seem obvious, don’t forget to stop by your regular gas station, the one that has the best prices in your neighborhood, to fill the tank before you get started on your road trip.
It might come in handy to acquire an emergency kit for your car, which may include a portable battery and a multi-purpose kit in the event of any unexpected occurrence on your road trip.

3. Surprising stops on the road 

In any trip by car there are impressive spots and charming townsthat invite us to stop for a little while on the way, stretch our legs and rest. Take advantage of these new settings so that when you take a break from driving every two hours they become new experiences to remember. As a minimum, remember to stop every 120 minutes to break with the tiring monotony, and while you are unwinding take advantage of the chance to enjoy the native cuisine of this new place that you are passing through.

Happy family travelling by car to the beach

4. Make yourself comfortable, we are going on a trip

If you are the driver, here are some basic tips to make your road trip as pleasant as possible:

  • Dress in lightweight clothes that allow you freedom of movement. Put on your comfortable shoes that make driving a pleasure.

  • Set the temperature of your climate control between 21 and 23 degrees to avoid getting sleepy 

  • Get the navigator ready and set the mobile phone to hands-free before you start your new route, to ensure that your eyes are watching the road carefully

  • If you are traveling with someone else, switch drivers at the stops so that you always are at your maximum concentration level when at the wheel

  • Check that everything is positioned correctly in the trunk, that nothing is missing, and if you have children, make sure that they are comfortable and have access to a good source of entertainment during the trip. 

5. The paperwork up front 

  • Check that you are traveling with all your car’s paperwork before leaving on your trip. Your driver’s license, the car license, your insurance payment and the vehicle inspection certificate - all up-to-date - are the minimum requirements before setting off. By the way, remember to have the roadside assistance and emergency numbers available in your car’s glove department. 

  • If you hire a car for your next trip, we recommend that you take your National ID Document or passport, currently valid driver’s license for the country where you will be driving and a copy of your rental contract. 

  • If you are going to drive outside of your country of origin, ask the authorities whether you will need to have an international driver’s license. 

family enjoys a car trip

6. Update your mobile phone: Apps that will be useful

Technology always comes in handy when it comes to enjoying a more pleasant trip. Here are some apps for travelers that we recommend that you install on your smartphone before setting off to your next destinations:

  • Gas Stations Spain: This application will allow you to find closest and most economic service stations for refueling before you set off in Spain.  

  • Bepark: This application will help you find parking quickly in Europe, which will save you time 

  • Waze: This social application created by a community of drivers features maps and real-time road and traffic information.  Its transparent design will help you  travel without incidents beyond the beaten path.

  • Journi: You know how you spend your entire trip taking photos of the places and moments that you do not want to ever forget and when you get home, they get disorganized and lost somewhere in the memory of your mobile phone. Journi is one of the applications that we recommend that you install in order to organize your photographs, and even add maps and texts.

Now everything is ready for your next adventure! Remember, plan your road trip, whether you take your own car or hire a car, and enjoy the journey, #Roadlover.

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