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Visit to the Puig Monastery

The Puig monastery is a religious monument of the Renaissance situated in the town of Puig They began to build this city in 1237 following the orders of James I in commemoration of the victory of the battle that allowed the request of Valencia. Two different areas compose the monaster, the convent and the sanctuary of the virgin where the illustration of "Nuestra señora del Puig"(patron saint of Valencia until 1961) is kept.

Puig monastery

In the cloisters you can admire the doors decorated with stained glass windows that represent the Valencian heraldry shields. Learn the story of Valencia throughout the work of art of Jerónimo Jacinto Espinosa or José Vergara, or just enjoy yourself with the different architectonical styles such as Renaissance or the Gothic Style. The building is also used as the Spanish Royal Family s residence when they are in Valencia and also cultural and social see of the "Generalitat Valenciana" organism on wich depends it's management.

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