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Long term car rental

Reserve your rental car on a long term basis

Renting your car for the long term is one of the most comfortable options for travelling  with no restrictions on your movement, and you can drive a new car every month. Whether you need a car to get to work  or to enjoy your second residence  for long periods during the year, this option will enable you to get around with total freedom.  And the best part is: you can rent a car for a period of up to 60 days at a lower price. 

What is included in your long term car hire with Centauro?

At our new long term car hire rate you will be able to travel in complete safety with coverage for situations such as theft, accidents or damage to the car. This way you can focus on what really matters: enjoying your trip.

Advantages of renting for the long term with Centauro

  • Full coverage: enjoy your trip with complete peace of mind, because everything is covered! Our comprehensive coverage includes full protection in the event of accidents, theft and damage to the car, including damage to the underbody, tires and windows. 

  • No deposits or deductibles: pick up your car freely. You will not have to leave a deposit or pay deductibles during your rental. 

  • Free additional driver: share the driving with the companion of your choice. The first additional driver is included free of charge. 

  • Pick up your car without waiting: you can go to the priority counter when picking up your vehicle. 

  • Mileage: Enjoy a mileage of 100 km / day, 3,000 km / month, which is included in the price, so you can travel without restrictions.

  • 100% free cancellation: you can feel free to cancel your reservation without any cancellation fee.

Long term car hire with Centauro

Why rent a car by the month with Centauro?

  • Optimize your expenses and save money: this  rental option is much more cost-effective than having your own car. Check our 30- and 60-day monthly rental rates to find the best option for you.
  • Freedom of movement: if you do not have your own car, renting a car can be a great option to get around on a daily basis without the limitations of public transport, and it will also enable you to avoid gatherings of people. 
  • Holidays with Centauro: if you are one of the lucky ones with holidays that last for months, renting  your car on a flexible basis will enable you to enjoy your long-awaited vacation with all the freedom of movement you need. Take a leisurely drive, or travel and explore the most remote spots of Spain, Italy, Greece or Portugal with us.
  • Your car at your second residence: do you have a second residence and prefer not to travel there with your own car? You can rent your car on a long term basis at the Centauro office closest to your residence and then return the car at a different office at your destination when you have to go back home.

Car hire by the month  is one of the best options if you need a substitute for your own car either because it has had a breakdown or just for temporary use while you are waiting to receive a new car.  

How to rent your car on a long term basis

If you have already decided to rent a car on a flexible basis or if you simply want to run a search to see the conditions for your potential reservation in more detail, you just have to select the dates and the destination that you are interested in our search engine. 

Are you ready to place your reservation?

We would be glad to accompany you on the adventure of choosing your car at our main destinations in Spain, Italy, Portugal or Greece, so that you can enjoy your road trip with your safety absolutely guaranteed. More than 40 destinations are waiting for you!