11 Tips to prepare your driving getaway

You prefer to jump behind the wheel and plan your own route, go beyond borders and discover new landscapes in each step of the way... Here you have 11 tops to prepare your driving trip, for true adventurers.

1. Off the beaten path 

The date for your next road trip is approaching and you prepare a lot of information to enjoy your next adventure... Routes, destinations, travel tips, where to eat in that new city... Everything that helps you feel that you are in control. And here is our best advice, prepare your road trip and leave room to explore beyond the beaten track. Take the risk and do what you've never done, that's what makes the difference for an unforgettable trip.

2. What car should you drive?

That will depend on the route and the trip you choose. A 4-wheeler will be perfect to drive on all kinds of roads and remote corners, SUVs will be a goof choice for families or groups, and compact cars will not have parking problems in the city. One of the best tips for your road trip you can follow is to buy good coverage and unlimited mileage if you are going out of the city.

3. What music should you listen to?

Music is our faithful companion in every road trip, it will be essential if you want the trip to be much more fun and joyful. Do not forget to have some Spotify playlists ready, or to prepare your music according to the destination you are going to travel, to connect with that place.


4. Travel across unknown roads

The car is the best transport if you want to improvise and live an authentic adventure. Choose unknown roads and avoid the dreaded traffic jams. Leave the map aside and explore new roads, you will surely discover more than one spot that can’t be found in the typical travel guides, that will blow your mind.

5. Local food and small authentic eateries

One of the best ways to get to know a place is eating its local food and small traditional shops. In them you will find authenticity, the essence of the country. Ask for recommendations from the locals and try the weirdest foods in each destination. You will appreciate it when you go back home to your everyday routine.

6. Camping in the nature

Is there anything better than sleeping under the stars? If you want to live an authentic adventure, do not hesitate to go camping in the countryside, far from everything. You will also save on hotel expenses! And the next morning, go on with your driving route on the mountain roads to explore the surrounding nature.

7. Travel companions

This is the one tip that seem obvious... Choose the travel companions that best fit you. Do you mind to eat or sleep on a shoestring, or maybe you prefer a more sophisticate plan? Do you have the same interests in the trip? Are you flexible to adapt your plans to each other? Without a doubt this is one of the best tips to prepare your driving trip, and have everything go smoothly.

In any case, friends are friends... you may not agree on everything, but together you will live experiences that you would not have considered separately. Not really? Then, you know... you can always enjoy your road trip alone.

Road trip Centauro tips

8.  Gadgets and  apps

Choose a good GPS and pack some charging devices for the media you use in the car. A good travel app can help you enjoy your road trip. Here are some of the best travel apps you can find:

  • TripIt: It creates all-inclusive  itineraries : flights, hotels, maps... And it also helps you with your budget. An  app  that looks more like a traditional travel agency. Really useful.

  • Around me: It is an app that helps you find out exactly where you are and  what you can see around you. Banks, cafes, hotels... With it, you will not feel out of place at any time.

  • CityMapper: This app helps you choose the best public transport possible according to your location. Metro, train, bus, taxi, bicycle... It also includes schedules. 

9. Driving rules in your destination

When it comes to preparing your road trip it is important that you learn about the traffic rules of the place you are going. On the official tourism or government websites you can find information about your destination. Check it out before leaving home to avoid driving fines.

10. Plan the must-see locations in each city

It is good to start preparing early for those must-visit places that you do not want to miss. How to get there, whether you need to have tickets in advance, the history of the place or monument ... A good tip is to plan your morning and afternoon routes for each location. Thus, with flexibility, once you are at your destination, it will be easier to visit every spot on your list without sticking to a fixed plan.

11. Gas Stations - Save on your trips

Gas stations can become your best allies. If you are hungry , or need some Band-aids for your sore feet or just stop and take a break... It can also mean a good saving on the expenses of your driving trip. Check out the cheapest gas stations on your route to prepare a low-cost driving route.

Now that you know how to prepare your perfect road trip, do not hesitate to go on a trip that will surely remain in your memory forever. And above all, remember, enjoy your trip off the beaten path.

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