Park for free in Barcelona

We all know the traffic problems that usually exist in big cities and, although public transport is a great service, touring Barcelona by car is the fastest and most comfortable option, especially for the places farther from the center such as Park Güell and Tibidabo amusement park or Barceloneta Beach.

Don't worry about parking, #Roadlover because we’ve got good news for you. Today we’re sharing the best places for free parking in Barcelona.

Free parking in Barcelona

Where to park for free in Barcelona

Before telling you how to park for free in Barcelona, you should know that there are several parking zones, each identified by color and with its own restrictions:

  • White zone: anyone can park here (you don’t need a permit or to pay a parking meter)
  • Blue zone: this is a regulated parking zone. You have to pay to park. The schedule for paid parking is from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., although times may vary depending on the area.
  • Green zone: intended for residents, however anyone can park here with certain restrictions. There is a two hour maximum and the price is higher than the blue zone.

Now pay attention, because these are the best areas for free parking in Barcelona

  • University Area - Palau Reial. Located at the end of Diagonal Avenue, near the edge of the city and in a higher area, this is one of the most popular areas for free parking in Barcelona, especially on weekends when the universities are closed. The best thing is that it’s very well connected to the center by the metro line 3.

  • Passeig Marítim, the seafront promenade, has free and regulated parking areas. Just be sure to look for spots farther away from Barceloneta Beach. The only drawback is the large influx of people in this area during spring and summer.

  • Montjuïc is the most central area and there’s no time limit on parking. This area is surrounded by parks and gardens. Here, you’ll also find the National Art Museum of Catalonia with its free, unattended parking lot. Very close to Paral·lel, and a pleasant walk from the center, this option is highly recommended to visit Barcelona’s mountainous surroundings, the Montjuïc Castle, and numerous museums, as well as the area of the Royal Shipyards.

  • Nou Barris is a popular neighborhood (nine neighborhoods, actually) in Barcelona where you can park for free, although there are times when it's not easy. This area doesn’t have a lot of tourist attractions, but from here you can access other parts of the city by subway.

Visiting downtown Barcelona

More and more cities are almost completely limiting the mobility of cars in their central areas. Because of this, we recommend directly searching for Park and Ride areas as an alternative to the options mentioned above. Park and Rides are parking lots and free parking areas that are located far from downtown but are connected to an urban transport line that take you straight to the city center. Some of the most well-known are the Plaça del Fòrum, Parking de Sant Genís-Vall D'Hebron, and Parking de Marquès de Mulhacén-Pedralbes.

Another good option, although not free, are the municipal parking lots (BSM), which can be found throughout the city (including downtown). The prices are lower than private parking lots.

Park for free en barcelona

You should also know that at 8 p.m., the regulated parking areas become free, so you can park as long as you want until the service starts again. These areas are usually free on weekends as well, although it is important to read the parking signs in the area.

Now that you know how to park for free in Barcelona, we’ll be waiting for you at our offices in Barcelona Airport and Barcelona Sants so you can explore the city your way. Get to know its streets, its people, its gastronomy and all the art within the city.

See you on the road soon.

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