Where to try the real Catalan cuisine in Barcelona

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Traveling to a city as cosmopolitan as Barcelona is not complete until you have discovered the delightful cuisine that the Catalans have to offer. Nowadays it´s very easy to find recommendations on the many restaurants available in Barcelona just by using your mobile or tablet as word of mouth has now become a popular way to know the opinions of other people who have used a particular restaurant.

Whichever way you choose, it´s important to know where to go before you begin your quest in sampling the Catalan gastronomy and to avoid disappointment. Barcelona is famous for the quality of its restaurants, as we are going to find out with this article.

From the typical “Butifarra” to the most elaborate dish, Barcelona offers a wide variety of restaurants with traditional Spanish dishes and food houses run by the most reputed chefs with Michelin Stars.  

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Some of the restaurants located in Barcelona have been awarded with Michelin Stars and are well known for their fusion of the Catalan gastronomy with the latest culinary tendencies; restaurants such as “Céleri”, “Can Fabes” or “Pellicer”.

On the other hand, if you are looking for more traditional, family run restaurants serving well known dishes, then you must go to of “Cal Boter” or “Balmes / Roselló”

Or if you really want to experience delightful dishes and typical tapas, then you should go to the ‘Boquería Market, the food heaven in the centre of the city. Here we will find the very best homemade delicacies in bars like “El Pinocho” or “El Central”, which prepare traditional Spanish cuisine dishes. The Boquería also has a workshop giving visitors the chance to find out how to prepare some of the most popular dishes of the Catalan cuisine.

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The list of Catalan restaurants in Barcelona is varied and very extensive, it all depends on which area you are staying to be able to choose between one or the other, however, don’t worry you will be spoilt for choice and you will always find the right one to enjoy it’s fine cuisine.

Why not tell us your favourite place to eat in Barcelona?

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