Cheap short breaks at Porto for easter week

Easter is approaching and so we need to decide where to enjoy the first holidays of the year. If you do not have anything in mind then we suggest a visit to Porto, a romantic city full of charm and where you can enjoy some delicious food. Let’s get packing!

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How to get to Porto

To get to Porto, the most practical and easiest way is by plane. Once you reach Porto’s Francisco Sá Carneiro airport (OPO), the best thing to do is to rent a car so you have the freedom to move around as you please and enjoy the Easter Week in Porto. The city is just 13Kms from the airport that you can easily reach on the VRI road, followed by the A4 & the A28. These roads are toll free.

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What to see in Porto

Porto is a fascinating city. Located along the river Duero, it is one of Europe’s oldest cities. A city with a unique personality, port wine production, trams and stately bridges makes Porto popular with tourists and photography lovers.

Porto is a very friendly and welcoming city which hides numerous treasures to enjoy mostly free of charge. The Mercado de Bolhao (the Bolhao market), the Palacio de Cristal (the Cristal Palace), the Ascensor da Ribeira (the da Ribeira lift) from where you can see an amazing panoramic view of the banks of the Duero river, the beautiful Iglesia de San Ildefonso (the San Ildefonso church), the historic Catedral Sé (the Sé Cathedral) of the Livraria Lello (Lello bookstore) whose shelves and stained glass windows inspired the Harry Potter novels. These are all places that you must visit on your short break to Porto and does not cost a penny.

You must also visit the train station of Sao Bento, possible one of the most beautiful train stations in Europe. Take a stroll through the old town at night and enjoy some wine tasting at the Bodegas de Vila Nova de Gaia, a picturesque town that is very close to Porto and where you can find the famous wines with Denomination of Origin.

Where to eat in Porto

The Holy Week in Porto would not be complete without trying the ‘bacalao’ (cod). The traditional Portuguese Restaurant Tasca Caseira is a great place where you can try it, great value for money with great reviews from people that have dined here.

Francesihnas Oporto

Another dish that you must try on your short break to Porto are the popular Francesinhas, this is a typical local sandwich with different types of meat, grilled cheese and covered in a spicy sauce, you can also add a fried egg if you want. In the Café Piolho d’ouro, they make the best ones! To accompany, nothing better than some chips and a good cold beer.

We end our gastronomic route at the ‘Casa das Tortas’ and their exquisite Pasteles de Belém, considered by many as the best cream cakes in all of Portugal.

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