Discover these 5 gastronomic routes around Spain

Spain is well known all over the world for its rich and varied gastronomy, an art that we know very well and that delights the palate of those who venture to taste the most typical dishes of each region.

Do you need some inspiration of the best places to discover our renowned gastronomy? Book a table and get ready to enjoy the best gastronomic routes in Spain.

Some nibbles around the Costa del Sol

Let us start with some nibbles, and for this we go to Malaga.

The Andalusian city has, apart from a very important architectural heritage, a historic centre full of taverns and restaurants where you can try some tasty bites. To get our taste buds going, why not try a ‘floristei’ (red wine with sweet soda water) in Bodegas Pimpi, then move onto ‘Taberna Los Gatos’ for an aperitif of sardines served on skewers in one of the beach bars.

Continuing our route along the coast of Malaga, Centauro Rent a Car recommends Casa Frutos en Torremolinos and if you reach Marbella, you must try the classic Restaurante Santiago.

Entering the province of Malaga a good option is to stop in the town of Antequera, the famous dish here is the ‘Porra Antequerana’ a thick style of gazpacho (cold vegetable soup) and the soft ‘rustic-style’ buns called ‘molletes’. While you are here, you must visit the incredible hotel-convent of La Magdalena.

ruta coche gastronomía andalucía

Some seafood please

Time for our starter; let us drive up to Galicia and the ‘Rias Baixas’, a region that must be mentioned on any gastronomic route in Spain.

We start our Galician food tasting in Combarro, a village with more ‘Hórreos’ (typical granary built in wood or stone) per square metre in all of Galicia and where we can enjoy some delicious seafood. From here, we must go to the restaurant Casa Pintos in Cambados, a small coastal village where you can try some amazing oysters. Next stop is Carril, home of the famous Galician clam that goes down so well with a glass of ‘Albariño’ wine.

ruta gastronómica galicia marisco

Let’s not forget some cheese

At any good Spanish table you cannot miss a generous portion of cheese, so where better than in Asturias to as for it?

Initially we visit the region of Cabrales in the ‘Picos de Europa’ that gives its name to its most renowned cheese. Tievlve, Ortiguero, Asiego, Bulnes, Carreña and of course Arenas de Cabrales, the epicentre for cheese lovers and a place where you can find some of the best Cider pubs Asturias are found such as La Calluenga with tis wooden caskets of La Cabraliega and its delicious ‘La Peral’ cheese.

In addition to Cabrales and La Peral cheese, why not try the stronger but unique Gamonéu or a more traditional cheese called Afuega´l Pitu or the smoked Pría, another great classic.

ruta gastronómica coche alquiler asturias queso

Main dish of Paella

Now for our main dish: the Paella. Mixed, with seafood, with fish, with meat. It doesn’t matter which one you choose but ask for one in the Valencian Region.

In addition, where to book a table? In Castellón, we highlight the picturesque village of Onda and the Arrocería Hermanos Navarro. A little further down in Valencia right on the beach of El Saler we recommend the Arrocería Duna and further south in Alicante, a stop in Denia to try a delicious paella with the family in Casa Federico at a very reasonable price.

ruta gastronomica alquiler coche paella valencia

The best Meat

Our gastronomic route around Spain would not be complete without a mention for the great meat available.

Once we have taken in the views of the amazing aqueduct in Segovia, we can take a visit to the El Figón de los Comuneros restaurant to try a delicious dish of suckling pig that they cut using a plate. In Segovia, you can also enjoy good lamb; they say the best is prepared in Torrecaballeros at the popular El Racho de la Aldegüela restaurant.

If you prefer a good ribeye, then we recommend restaurant Bococo de Ávila, which is without a doubt one of the best places to enjoy Spanish cuisine and enjoy the views of the surrounding area.

alquiler coche ruta gastronómica chuletón avila

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