7 tips for enjoying a problem-free road trip

Journeys by car are ideal for sharing an outing with family, your partner or friends. It's the perfect opportunity to get out and discover new roads, with your only cares being to have some fun. For this, it's important to plan every detail of your trip to avoid unexpected issues. Do you want to hear how to [plan a comfortable, problem-free road trip? Here are seven top tips for the perfect escape!

1. Plan everything to save time

Before setting off, work out the details of your journey and don't leave anything to chance. We recommend:

  • Searching for the simplest route via the Internet and mobile apps.
  • Deciding on your time of departure and arrival.
  • Planning stops to rest and refuel.

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2. Packing and necessary documents

Check the weather forecast for the next few days and pack your case with the most appropriate clothing for your destination's forecast and the type of trip that you're going on. And don't forget your travel documents. In our post on “Essential documents for your next road trip”, we advise which are the most important if you're taking a trip in a hire car.

3. Before leaving home

Check that everything is in order before starting your adventure. It helps to have a checklist so you have secured everything (doors, windows, lights, etc.). We also recommend telling your family and friends so they can check everything's OK or look after your pets while you're away.

4. Check the car over before setting off

It's vital that your car is in a good condition for your journey. Pay special attention to the engine, lights and tyres, and check that they work correctly. Warning lights will indicate if there's a fault. If you've forgotten what different warning lights mean, it's worth checking our post “What do car warning lights mean

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5. Share the journey

It's essential you take rest breaks every two hours as a minimum. Alternatively, you can add an additional driver to your booking and travel more comfortably.

6. Child safety

It's important that your little kings and queens travel safely. At Centauro you can choose a car seat that is best suited to the weight and height of your little ones. Find more info at “Car hire with baby and toddler car seats”.

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7. gadgets for comfortable road trips

There are many different tools that make travelling by car more comfortable. Here are some recommendations:

  • Universal car charger and battery. Or even a solar-powered, universal car charger.
  • Shower-resistant or rainproof protective cover.
  • Or a sun-protective, insect repellant shirt.

Check out our post on “The 9 best gadgets for enjoying your road trip” to learn them all.

You're now ready for your safe roadtrip #YourWay. When are you off on your roadtrip? Make your Premium booking with Centauro and enjoy a swift pick-up and Smart cover with no deposit or excess to pay.

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Remember that you make the plan and we've got your car

See you on the road soon!