Essential documents for your next road trip

If you want to enjoy an authentic road trip, then here is the indispensable paperwork that we recommend that you take with you.

1. Your driver’s license: Obvious, but indispensable. Remember to make sure your driver’s license has not expired before you set off on the road.

2. Paperwork for your vehicle:

  • If you are traveling with your own car, remember to bring the technical inspection certificate and the car license, the sticker and the positive report from the vehicle inspection, your car insurance policy and the receipt for the road tax;  

  • If you are going to enjoy your nextroad trip with your rental car, remember to bring your identity documents, your driver’s license and your rental contract. As for the vehicle, you don’t have anything to worry about, since it will be 100% ready so that your trip will go smoothly.

3. The passport and International Driver’s License

  • Are you European and are you traveling within the borders of the EU? Remember to take your passport with you, as well as an online copy in case any incident occurs during the trip.

  • Are you European and are you traveling outside of the European Union? If you are traveling outside of the EU to a country with a treaty, then you will only have to request this permit at the Provincial Traffic Directorate. You will receive it on the spot; if on the other hand you are traveling to a country that does not have a treaty in place, you will have to go to the Spanish consulate, where they will inform you of the steps to follow in each case. 

  • You are not European, but you are traveling to Europe? In this case we recommend that you consult the authorities in your country regarding the paperwork that you will need to drive at your next destination. They will be able to give you accurate information on what paperwork you will need to take with you in order to drive abroad, and they will inform you of whether you need to procure an international driver’s license. 

Girl with suitcase giving passport and boarding pass

4. Credit or debit card without international charges:

  • If you travel outside of your countryone of our recommendation is that you take with you a credit or debit card that does not have international charges for use abroad, both for hiring a car and for any other transaction. This will help you save significantly during your trip.

  • If you hire your car at Centauro Rent a Car, you will need to take with you a credit card or a debit care (Visa or Mastercard) in your own name in order to be able to pick up your vehicle at our offices. 

5. European health card:

  • If you are European and are traveling within the European Union: We recommend that you procure the European health card so as to have medical coverage in any European country. 

  • If you will be traveling outside of the EU: We recommend that you take out medical insurance so that you are covered in case of any possible incident. 

6. Car hire without deductibles: When you hire your car you can choose among these options:

  • Choose the basic contract for your rental car: It is the most economic option, and hence you will save on your car hire as long as no incident occurs. With this option, a deposit will be blocked when you pick up your car and you will have an insurance policy with deductible, and hence if there is any damage to the car during your rental, you will be charged for the defect. 

  • Take out the Coverage Smart Centauro:  If you prefer to travel without any worries at all, without deposits or deductibles and to be covered in the event of possible damages in your rental car, perhaps you will prefer to contract your Premium Package.

  • What happens if I take out the coverage with another company? In order to be able to receive the vehicle without guarantee deposit, it is necessary to have arranged for Smart coverage from Centauro Rent a Car. If you have taken out coverage with an intermediary, then you must leave the guarantee deposit  (starting from 1050€) or contract Centauro Coverage.  If an incident occurs, you would have to claim your insurance coverage from your company, and they would contact us to settle the coverage. 

young couple on a romantic trip

If you prefer to have complete coverage, without blocking of deposit and direct communication with Centauro to settle any incident, then we recommend that you take out Premium Coverage.

7. Tolls: Each country may have its own system for charging for use of roads and highways. Before you set off on your trip, find out whether it is necessary to contract a device, as is the case in Portugal where it is necessary to contract the “Via Verde” device.

8. Borders: Are you going to cross borders during your next road trip? We recommend that, in order to have coverage wherever you go, you consult the options for international coverage.

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