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Caves of Majorca

The erosion of the sea and nature of the limestone land has made the formation of caves possible and there are almost 4,000 recorded to date.
Used as a dwelling, hiding, or smuggling place of legend, these caves are invisible Majorcan island landscapes noted for their diversity and beauty.

Caves of Drach

Located in the Manacor area, the Caves of Drach are actually four caverns linked together: Cueva Negra (Black Cave), Cueva Blanca (White Cave), Cueva de Luis Salvador (Lluis Salvador Cave) and Cueva de los Franceses (French Cave) in the inside is Lago Martel, one of the largest underground lakes in the world named in honor of its discoverer, Eduardo Martel.

A few stairs help with the significant height of the natural entrance to Las Cuevas de Artá, located in the municipality of Capdepera, In its inside is the "Queen of the columns", a stalactite over 20 meters long and a series of rooms such as The Inferno, Purgatory, The Theater, and The Hall of diamonds.

Cuevas de Arta (Caves of Arta), Cuevas del Hams (Caves of Hams), Cuevas de Genova (Caves of Genova), Cuevas del Campanet (Caves of Campanet)

Other interesting caves we can see on the island are The Caves of Hams, The Caves of Campanet, The Caves of Genova, and one of the largest underwater caves in Europe, The Cave of Sa Gleda.

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