Services & Products

Services & Products

  • How do I register an additional driver?  

    Enjoy a more relaxed journey by adding additional drivers to your booking. By sharing the driving you can reach your journey more relaxed.  

    When you make your reservation you can add up to 3 additional drivers. (They need to be present on collection). For further information about additional drivers.

  • Can I add a second driver during the rental period?

    Yes, just go to the nearest Centauro Rent a Car office and the second driver must present their driving license. Charges will apply to the full rental period.

  • What is the Express Check-in?

    Add the Express Check-In (fast pick up) when you make your reservation and avoid any possible queues when you collect your hire car.

    You will have access an exclusive desk for collection to help you save time.

  • Do you provide roof racks?

    We do not allow or offer roof racks. We recommend that you visit our website to view the boot size capacity if you require that extra space. On our website we offer a wide variety of vehicles that can fulfill any requirement.

  • Do you provide GPS?

    At Centauro Rent a Car we offer the best brands, including TomTom, Garmin, etc.

    If you want to save time and choose the best route to your destination, then add the GPS to your reservation online or ask for one at the office where you are going to collect your car.

    We recommend that you add this service before collection so that we can guarantee availability for you.

  • What type of child seats do you have?

    When you make your reservation you can choose any of the 3 different child seats we offer to cover the various age groups.

    For your child’s safety and comfort you must add to your car hire the child seat corresponding to the child’s age. At Centauro Rent a Car, we will always comply with current legislation and offer the lastest devices to guarantee child safety.

  • Can I hire snow chains?

    If at your destination you have snow or ice, then we highly recommend that you add the snow chains to your reservation.

    These are inexpensive and gives you peace of mind to prepare your car for any possible climate eventuality.            

    Available at our offices in Madrid-Barcelona-Italy-Greece.

  • Can I add any services to my confirmed booking?

    Yes, just log into the 'My Account' section so you can view your reservation and add or change the extras

  • Is my vehicle covered to go to a different country?

    If you are going to travel to another country then you will need to add our special cross border cover.

    If your booking is for collection at any of our offices in Spain (mainland), this will allow you to travel to Spain, France, Andorra or Portugal.

    If your booking is for collection at any of our offices in Portugal (mainland), this will allow you to travel to Spain or Portugal.

    For car hire collections in Italy, our cross border cover will allow you to travel to France, Monaco, Switzerland, Austria or San Marino only. Vehicles cannot be taken from mainland Italy to any island.   In Greece, it is not possible to drive outside the country.  

    *It is not permitted for cargo vans, groups L1,L2,L3,M1 to travel outside of Spain.      

    Note: Vehicles collected at any of our locations cannot be taken on any ferry to/between/from any islands or countries.