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If what you need is space rather than seats to carry more luggage, large cargo, Centauro Rent a Car can offer you a van that will suit your needs. Whatever you requirements, Centauro Rent a Car will always be able to offer you a vehicle a suitably sized vehicle.

If you are moving house of need to transport large goods then this can be costly. Hire a van with us and you can get the best price for a commercial vehicle. We have a selection of vans available with space for transportation and also the possibility to carry passengers.

 If however you are looking for a vehicle to carry more passengers then why not have a look at our selection of people carriers for 6-7 people, or the minibuses for 8-9 people.

Whatever you requirements, at Centauro Rent a Car we have the best selection of vehicles available to suit your needs.

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Centauro Rent a Car Van Hire Information

The fleet of vans available to hire at Centauro Rent a Car is very diverse, you are sure to find the best one to suit your needs. Are you looking for a small, economical van but with enough space and which is easy to drive and park in the city? If this is the case, then you can rent models such as the Fiat Dobló, Nissan nv200 or the Volkswagen Transporter.  Vehicles with 5 seats, good engine power but with low fuel consumption (thanks to the 1.3 or 1.5 diesel engines) and with enough space to fit four large suitcases or average size cargo you may need to transport.

Are you thinking about enjoying your holidays in the company of friends or travelling with a large number of relatives and need a larger vehicle with more seats, a minibus? We also have other options of vans with these characteristics for you; you can choose between the Ford Galaxy (7 seater, with a powerful 2.0, 140cv diesel engine), the Ford Custom or the Volkswagen Transporter Kombi TD (ideal to travel in comfort with up to 9 people)

Why use a Rental Van? 

There are many reasons why you may choose to hire a van. Maybe you are looking for a commercial van for a move or you just need to transport some boxes or furniture that you have just bought, you may be self-employed and need to move your company supplies, booking a van with Centauro Rent a Car is a great option that will also save you money.  As well as vans to transport goods, our 7 or 9 seater minivans are ideal to transport people.

At Centauro Rent a Car, we have industrial vehicles with varied capacities and characteristics to fulfil whatever your needs.

What should a Van Rental Hire have? 

If you are thinking of travelling with your family & friends or need to transport goods and you need to hire a van, at Centauro Rent a Car we will be pleased to assist you at any of our offices in Spain or Portugal.

Before renting your vehicle, it is important to know the different categories available within the market. For example, compact vans or small vans have a cargo hold of between 600Kgs & 900Kgs and with a loading space to carry small goods (with a length of 1.6m, height of 1.2m and width of 1.5m). This vehicle type is very practical as they are easy to drive and cheap to run.

Medium-sized vans on the other hand have a cargo hold of between 900Kgs & 1200Kgs, with engines that are more powerful and are longer length (nearly 2.5m.)

Large vans are ideal for heavier loads (up to 1500Kgs) have a loading area of nearly 3.4mts. These vehicles are easy to drive, but because of their longer dimensions, it is advisable to have a little practice in driving this type of vehicle beforehand. We should also take into account the size when we are making a reservation for the transportation of passengers for the 7 & 9 seater people carriers.

Now that you have chosen the best model that suits your needs, now you just need to make your van hire reservation with Centauro Rent a Car!

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