The best tips for planning your business trips

Do you usually go on business trips but don’t find time to visit the places you go? Increasingly, our business trips become leisure travel opportunities if you know how to organize yourself. A little organization ahead of time and following some of our recommendations will help you tap into opportunities to enjoy new destinations, that you may not have visited while on a business trip.

Best apps to plan your business trip

  1. Google Translate will be an essential if you travel to places where they speak another language; it is a very fast and simple translator that lets you translate both single words and long sentences. Wherever you go, surely Google Translate can help you communicate with the people around you, as it works with many languages. Stop wasting time trying to make yourself understood in restaurants, hotels or tourist attractions, keep this app handy and you will totally upgrade your experience.

  2. CityMaps2Go is a map application you can use offline. If you are going to places without internet coverage, use this app to avoid wasting time trying to find places or asking people for directions. Go straight to your destination without getting lost and make a better use of your free time.

Business travel apps

  1. Slack is the perfect tool to organize your team work remotely. When you are traveling, you can keep working and communicating with your team methodically, sharing documents and chatting with this application.

  2. Waze is a navigation app that will let you check the traffic around you thanks to the information provided by other drivers in the area. This way you will find out which routes are best for you to get to your destination on time.

  3. If you want to keep your fitness routine during your business trips, there are numerous  apps to stay fit while travelling

Organize your agenda to get the most out of your trip

Good organization of your agenda is essential to get the most out of your free time when getting around the city. You need to know ahead of time the work schedule during your trip, the exact location of each meeting or activity and whether there is any visit already organized during your stay.

When you’re done with your work, start moving around immediately to get the most out of the free time left in your trip’s agenda. We recommend to research the tourist attractions of the place, find out which sites are a priority, or which ones you definitely want to visit. Check the opening hours of the tourist attractions you want to visit.

Apps to plan your business trip

Car hire on business trips

Finally, if you really want to make the most of your free time during your business trip, hiring a car will allow you to travel your destination at your own pace. With your own means of transportation you can save time and go directly to the places you want to visit, travelling at your own pace without having to constantly check the public transportation system, thus shortening your routes through the city.

You can make the most of your business trips and discover new places, follow these tips and you will see how!

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