The best New Year's Eve Roadtrip Kit

Having your car equipped with the best gadgets for your road trip is essential since it will make your adventure much more complete. Below we review the most suitable ones for you to set up your #Roadtrip Kit.

A perfect roadtrip kit for this year

Discover the best travel gadgets you can ask the Wise Men for this year to make your next car ride an adventure.

Gadgets for your trips

The following items will help your trip go smoothly and help you enjoy it to the fullest:

  • Compression bags: Essential for vacuum packing your clothes, which will allow you to save some useful space in your luggage. They include an apparatus that creates a vacuum, thus making it easier to use.

  • Sleep mask: Before starting off your trip in another country you may have to catch a plane. Or maybe your path will lead you to spend a night outdoors. Wearing a mask that can also be connected to a music service is a good way to relax and travel comfortably.

  • Mobile printer: It is similar in size to a mobile phone, and allows for easy printing. Did you forget a visa hundreds of miles away? If you have a copy in the cloud, then this won't be a problem.

Backpack, shoes, camera, hat and lantern kit

Gifts for your adventurous road trip kit

The most recommended to enjoy certain comforts on your trip this year:

  • Hand-held iron:  You don't have to give up neatness. There are hand-held irons that weigh less than 1.5 kg and that will make your clothes look as if they had just been dry-cleaned.

  • Beverage cooler: It connects to the cigarette lighter and cools any can or bottle in minutes. It has proven extremely useful in trips to desert areas or during hot seasons.

  • Device to eliminate germs from shoes: If you are taking different types of shoes with you, then you know that their smell can affect the rest of the luggage. These devices eliminate odors and germs with their UV rays. They weigh less than 100 grams and are rechargeable.

mobile phone holder for the car

Your vehicle can become the most complete and ready to go out and explore nature on your driving routes.

  • Mobile phone support: The more advanced models can be placed at eye level and are equipped with sensors that let you change the music by voice. The driving will be safer and go much more smoothly.

  • High-definition camera: You can attach it to the previous support and film your itinerary in HD. Those that come equipped with GPS are highly recommended since this way you will always know where you are.

  • Car scanner with built-in Bluetooth: Just like the one the mechanics use. This can detect problems in your vehicle, so that you can go right to the nearest repair shop before you have a breakdown in the middle of nowhere.

Now we have told you about some of the most practical road trip gadgets. They will make your next trip much more pleasant, and you will avoid the typical problems you might encounter during your adventures. Have you taken note of your next gadgets to get them?

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