Travel apps and outdoor sports to mitigate Christmas overindulgence

Christmas is over, and between the sweets, the eating binges and the limited time for exercise, we all end up slowing down the pace of our lives and putting on some weight. But don't worry, you can recover your good habits and get active again with these outdoor itinerary apps to mitigate your overindulgence this Christmas.

If you don't like being cooped up in a gym, there are plenty of exercises you can do outdoors. Take the opportunity to create a car itinerary that includes outdoor activities, where you can enjoy a long walk or a trekking route, go for a run and explore new destinations. Here are some sports apps that will help you incorporate physical activity into your tourist agenda on your next getaway with your rental car.

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The best apps for outdoor sports

Test yourself with these essential tools for adventurous travelers who want to keep getting exercise during their getaways and road trips

Runtastic: Also called Adidas Running, this is the application that tells you the distance, speed, calories burned and other interesting data when you go for a run or a walk or practice any physical activity outdoors. Its map, which traces the route that you have taken, makes it one of the most highly recommended outdoor sports apps .

Nike Training Club: Another app with tips and exercises for getting in shape. Includes videos to address questions. A total of almost 200 workouts designed for all levels, from amateurs to real athletes, and arranged according to what you want to achieve.

Endomondo: A must-have app for cycling enthusiasts and runners, with specific workout plans based on different degrees of intensity. It features interesting data, such as distance travelled, monthly caloric expenditure and much more.

Freeletics: A wealth of different exercises to do outdoors or wherever you want. Just enter your physical condition and the objectives you want to achieve. You don't need any extra equipment, just a few minutes a day. One of the most popular apps for car itineraries and hiking.

Seven: Thanks to this app you will have three 7-minute workout plans each day . For losing weight after overindulging at Christmas, although it also works for getting in shape at any time.

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Strava: An app to record scores for up to 36 sports, compare your workouts, compete with others and connect with others on a social network. To encourage you to get some real exercise.

8fit: In this app, with exercise charts and healthy meal plans, you will find routines from 5 to 20 minutes a day. It includes 18 training sessions in the free version, among many other things.

Sworkit: A personal trainer featuring more than 400 exercises, depending on what you want to work on and the desired level of difficulty. It also comes with explanatory videos for workouts from 2 to 60 minutes focused on whatever you want to work on.

MyFitnessPal: The application that lets you find out how many calories you have consumed on days of splurging and helps you control your diet better. You can't even imagine how many extra calories you can consume if you don't control yourself.

Try going off-road with your app!

Fitness apps have evolved a lot. Whether you are going to go hiking, camping, biking or do any other physical activity, technology makes it easier to figure out what to do, to track your progress and to improve your workout routines every time you get exercise while traveling in your rental car

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