The 7 best apps for your travel photos

Are you organizing your next road trip? Today we recommend to you a series of travel photo apps that can help you immortalize your best moments.

Maybe you're a photography lover, a romantic who still develops his photos and places them in albums, or maybe you're one of those can't live without posting your travel photos on social networks. Whatever the case, today we tell you how to capture the best moments of your getaway by car.

Tips for choosing your travel photo apps

Photo retouching apps can help you depict those unfamiliar places you discover on your trip. It is one way to take advantage of the places you visit and to enable your to photograph those scenes of your getaway. How should you choose your best app for travel photos?

  • Follow your own style: One of the keys to success is finding applications that get the colors and filters that best fit your photography style and turn an image into a work of art. 

  • Spend some time on them: There is no trick: retouching images requires imagination and patience.

  • Create your own filter: If you want to create your own photographic style for your social networks, we suggest that you create your own filter with the help of some of the applications that we will mention below. 

  • Make sure you have a good cell phone: Today it's no longer necessary to carry a camera with you at all times, since the latest generation of mobile phones take high-quality photos.

Man taking a selfie in nature

Are you still there? Here are the 7 best apps that can help you edit and share your road trip photos easily.

The 7 best apps for taking pictures of your trip

Among the best and most useful photo apps, there are some that concentrate on focus, others on filters or video, others on creating travel stories, and so on. Depending on your needs, some apps will be more practical than others. Discover the 7 best apps for taking pictures of your trip:

Apps for retouching photos

These are some of the apps used most often by lovers of photography:

  1. VSCO: VSCO is ideal for retouching the light of the images and enlivening the colors. In addition, it has a lot of filters and features an online community that can help you use the tool.

  2. Snapseed: Snapseed can help you edit photos like a real pro. It's easy to use, and it allows you to customize and adjust the parameters to create your own filters. 

  3. A Color Story: Use this one to fill your photos with effects and color. It features a large number of tools for free edition. 

  4. Lightroom CC: This is one most often used for the photos of Instagram, since it allows you to edit from any device with advanced functions. 

Apps for creating stories in Instagram

These are some of the most practical and easy to use for creating stories on Instagram or Facebook that will surprise your followers.

  1. Unfold: Unfold allows you to create simple and beautiful stories using a set of editable templates. It also allows you to add texts.

  2. Typorama: Typorama features a large number of fonts for creating unique stories. It also offers default images. 

  3. PS Express (Photoshop): PS Express allows you to retouch brightness, contrast and saturation in the stories. In addition, it also offers retouching and red-eye removal options, among others. 

Woman taking sunset photo

Have you decided what app you're going to try? Any of these options will help you become a better photographerby improving the results of your snapshots and giving them a better appearance, lighting and focus. However, the individual also plays a fundamental role, since knowing the best hours of light or the position of the sun can be very useful when capturing the best photographs.

We recommend experimenting with these and other photo retouching apps to find the one that best suits your needs. Get to know them, play around with them and take the time to master them. Make space on your cell phone, and remember, before you leave on your trip, prepare the applications you will need to take the best photos of your trip!

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