The evolution of the bikini: A walk through the history of beachwear from 1973 to 2018

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Since its inception, bathing clothes have allowed us to peek through a window into  history and see how we have changed over the decades. Thus, it is not surprising that the introduction of the first bikini (which showed navel) was cause for scandal and became a  symbol of social revolution. We go into the evolution of the bikini from 1973 until today. 

The bikini in the 70s: The thong comes in 

In this decade, marked by the hippie movement, disco music, and sexual revolution, the swimsuits started to shrink,   crochet bathing suits and triangle-shaped low-shot mini-bikinis became fashionable.  People began using thong bikinis, also known as Brazilian cut bikinis, and there were even some vindications such as Rudi Gernereich’s, who introduced the thong in response to a nudist ban that had been imposed on the beaches of Los Angeles.
The elegant Jacqueline Kennedy was one of the icons of the era, with her crochet bikini on the island of Capri. The movie "10, the perfect woman" did not leave anyone unresponsive. A slow-motion shot of an exuberant Bo Derek coming out of an exotic beach left more than one in shock. 

Bikini 70s
The bikini in the 80s: Fitness becomes fashionable

This was an era marked by the famous fitness videos of Jane Fonda, who put sports and sporty aesthetics into fashion. For that reason, the swimsuits of the 80s were very provocative and high waisted, which appeared to lengthen the extremities, to show flawlessly worked and muscular legs.
The backs of the bikinis and swimsuits shrank more than ever before, the high waisted bikinis with floral prints and fluorine colors gave the summer a touch of color. It was a time when there were practically no social restrictions, which allowed the willing women to use revealing bathing suits, showing their bodies freely.

Bikini of the 80s

The bikini in the 90s: Baywatch the new rage in beach attire 

The 90s were a decade in which swimsuits were strongly influenced by television series such as 90210 and Baywatch. Pamela Anderson and Yasmine Bleeth were two women who inspired many girls to wear full bathing suits on the beaches of California, just like in Baywatch.  Meanwhile, AnnaLynne Mccord stood out with her leopard prints.

The tight, high-waisted, crotch-baring swimsuits that revealed a curvaceous body and made the legs look longer, and the vivid colors and striking patterns were a MUST for beachwear. 

bikini of the 90s

The bikini in the 2000s: Navels in the open 

Going on with the evolution of the bikini, all the previous styles were mixed at the beginning of the new century. Unlike in the earlier decades, low-cut bikinis were all the rage. Showing the navel was almost indispensable, so the girls could also show their new navel piercings, one of the trends of this decade. 
The sexy look of Halle Berry emerging from the beach in "Die Another Day" from the James Bond movie saga, marked a milestone in the cinematic history of the bikini and helped launch the film career of the actress.  Beyoncé and her former band Destiny's Child drew all the attention in the video clip “Survivor,” a hit at the time. The Amazon-style bikini was a tribute to the legendary two-piece fur bikini worn by Raquel Welch in the 60s movie “A Million Years Ago.” 

bikini in the 2000s

The bikini in the decade of 2010: Fusion to the power

From 2010 to the present the above-the-hip, asymmetric bikini bottoms seem to dominate the scene. All kinds of bikinis are in vogue, with different materials, textures, colors, and beadings.   Swimsuits are once again one of the favorite garments of recent years, influenced by the healthy and sporty mentality of the 80s that now returns to a society that places healthy living and sports in an essential place. Elle Macpherson' s  legendary bikini runway shows were unforgettable. 

Bikinis 2010
The bikini in 2018

At this precise moment, summer is a tribute to the aesthetics of yesteryear, with the polka dot prints and Vichy in the purest style of the 50s, facing the trend of the always successful leopard prints. Although undoubtedly one of the bikinis that is setting the trend in 2018 are the yellow bikini that Dakota Johnson made fashionable in 50 Shades of Gray 3, which was released this year. 

bIKINI 2018

And to this day! We have traveled in time to see how we have changed and how the bikini has changed during these years, the question now is,   what will be the next thing we see on the beach?

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