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To learn more about what music is most listened to  by drivers on their  road trips and getaways, we have conducted a survey in which we asked about your preferences and favorite destinations. In this article we show you the results of:

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#Roadlovers  prefer pop, rock and reggaeton

Lady Gaga, The Rolling Stones, Daddy Yankee, David Guetta and 50 Cent are the top performers on the #roadlovers driving routes this summer. This is the conclusion of the  #musicontheroad survey, in which more than 1000 drivers have participated, telling us which is the music they enjoy the most when they are driving. 

The majority of participants in the survey  said that pop music is their favorite musical genreSecond , and proving that classics never fade, rock music is up with votes that went to bands like The Rolling Stones, Guns N 'Roses, AC/DC or Red Hot Chilli Peppers  among favorite bands to listen to while travelling. Reggaeton, which is third in Spain and Italy  with artists like Daddy Yankee, J Balvin or Karol G, is another genre that predominates among respondents. However, the Portuguese roadlovers place indie music third in the list, choosing artists  such as The National, Arcade Fire and Arctic Monkeys.

The habits and destinations of driving routes  vary by country

In addition to musical tastes, this study has also served to define the habits of drivers when traveling on vacation. According to their answers, we can say that they prefer to travel in family, in getaways of 3-4 days of duration.  As for the means of transport, flying is top, followed by driving their own vehicle and the rental car. After that comes the train, bus and the carsharing platforms.

Speaking of preferred destinations, a significant number of international participants from countries such as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Russia, France, or Germany, among others, say that they prefer to go on driving routes in international destinations. The destinations of Centauro Rent a Car are mostly  in Spain, followed by Portugal, Italy and Greece. 

The Spanish and Portuguese #roadlovers, on the other hand, prefer destinations located in their country . In Spain, the favorite destinations are Andalusia, Balearic Islands and Canary Islands, and the Portuguese roadlovers prefer the Algarve, Lisbon and Porto. Italian drivers, while acknowledging that they mostly prefer driving out of Italy, choose Sardinia and Sicily as their favorite destinations in the transalpine country

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Spotify is the #roadlovers' top preference when traveling by car. 

How do they like to listen to music while traveling? Here the winner, by much, is Spotify, followed by radio, USB devices  and Youtube. For this reason, all the artists and songs selected from the survey are available to listeners in different lists that Centauro Rent a Car has created in its Spotify account, by following this link. 

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Like the music in your car, we at Centauro Rent a Car want be with you on your trips. Enjoy the summer, #Roadlover!

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