5 tips to prepare your car for the summer

Are you planning a road trip to enjoy your well-deserved holidays? If you are, the following tips to prepare your car for the summer may come in handy. With the arrival of summer the temperatures increase considerably, and people tend to go outdoors more. Take note.

Tips to prepare your car for the summer

Taking care of a car in summer is different than in other season. The weather, temperature and use of our vehicle during the season will be different. Here you have five recommendations to prepare your car for the summer and make the most of your trips.

  • Check that the air conditioner is working properly

During the winter, we rarely use the air conditioning so we are not aware whether it’s works properly. After several months of low activity, quite often you’ll find that it has deteriorated or that it is depleted. In any case, inspecting our air-conditioning equipment should be the highest priority when preparing for long-distance driving in summer. Your trips will be much more pleasant.

Summer car tips

  • Check your coolant and cooling systems

Remember to double-check the coolant levels: If these levels are not correct, high summer temperatures can take their toll on your vehicle. The proper functioning of the radiator and having the plastic sleeves in good condition are key elements to keep the engine well cooled. That is why it is so important to check all these items in summer.

  • Pay attention to the condition of the wheels

Inspection of the tires is essential throughout the year and even more so during the summer. When going on long-distance trips with a heavy-loaded car, you should increase tire pressure following the manufacturer's instructions. If used for a long period of time with high temperatures and a pressure below the recommended level, gasoline consumption will be higher and the tires will sustain a greater wear.

  • Do not forget the sun shield to help control the interior temperature

How many times have you left your vehicle parked in the sun and been unable to enter because it’s unbearably hot? Surely more than once. A simple item like a sun shield will help you reduce the temperature in the cabin up to 10º C. Reaching the right driving temperature will then be much quicker and you will use the air conditioning less, saving fuel and avoiding getting burned when putting your hands on the wheel.

summer car tips

  • Wear comfortable clothing

While it may seem obvious, it is worth remembering. Wearing light clothing will make you feel more comfortable at the wheel and reduce fatigue and stress. Use cool shoes, with a good grip on your feet, and forget about the flip flops. And always have sunglasses on hand to protect your eyes.

Taking special care of your care during the summer will improve your trip

Thanks to these simple summer car tips, you will enjoy all your trips to the fullest. Your vehicle will be perfectly conditioned to move comfortably in search of new adventures. Make the most of it!

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