The University of Alicante bestows on Erik Devesa the “Premios Empresa Universidad 2019”

- Centauro Spirit

The University of Alicante, in collaboration with the “Club de las Buenas Decisiones” has bestowed on Centauro Rent a Car and on our CEO, Erik Devesa, the “Premio  Empresa Universidad, Edición 2019”

Erik Devesa is a member of the second generation of the founding family, and he has promoted the company’s international expansion since 2012, successfully developing an enterprise of national scope so that it now operates in the main tourist destinations in the Mediterranean, thus doubling the number of destinations over the past two years. As a result,  Centauro Rent a Car has more than 33 offices in Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal; thus covering the main tourist destinations, cities and the coast. 


The commitment to development of talent is one of the main pillars of Centauro’s philosophy, since it bases its Human Resources policy on building a solid team of professionals with a shared vision and mission, which consists in championing customer service, technological innovation and brand expansion at the international level. 

Erik Devesa currently leads a team of more than 400 professionals distributed in an ample network throughout all of Spain. We at Centauro are grateful for our collaboration with the University of Alicante and the Club de las Buenas Decisiones, since it enables us to continue to incorporate talented new graduates into the labor market and welcome new teammates that  we can accompany as they develop their career. 

Centauro Rent a Car