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Medieval route from Morella

At the North East of the valencian community, and 1000 meters above sea levels you can find Morella, capital of the region dels ports and a strategical singular enclave that opens up Aragón to the mediterranean.
Morella's population goes back to primitive times, like the Iberians, Romans, Muslims and Cristians, being the place where el Cid s battles, the war of succesion, the Carlist war took place.

Castillo de Morella

El castillo de Morella dominates a mass of mountains, constructed in a poligonal shape in it s main part, built in different levels and distributed in "aros defensivos".
Agreat wall overcomed by six doors, Torres de Sant Miquel, Sant Mateu, La Porta de Forcall, La Torre del Rey, La Puerta Ferrisa y La Puerta de la Nevera all of them protect and guarde the city.

Muralla de Morella

In the interior of those walls you can find civil building like La Casa Villawhich is the townhall of Morella with art exibitions, churches and chapels like La Iglesia Arciprestal Santa María La Mayor or the convent Convento de Sant Francesc an inifinity of streets, squares and majestic buildings where to have a stroll whilst discovering the history of the place.
Outside the walls you can find the Aqueduct, built in 1318 and in the cave called La Masía de Morella la Vella you can find cave paintings.

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