Via Verde transponder device

Hire a Via Verde transponder device and don’t worry about the toll system in Portugal. When driving in Portugal, many of their roads are subject to a system of toll collection using an electronic system without the possibility of manual payment on site.

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On these roads there are no facilities for drivers to stop and pay in cash or equivalent, therefore as you go through each number plate is registered.

Toll sections are clearly indicated by a sign before you start, specifying "electronic toll only" sign. There are signs showing the toll charge for each class of vehicle, on each road, so you will see how much it will cost to use that certain road.

All vehicles must have a transponder/via verde device. Non-payment of a toll will incur a fine. The fine is 10 times the toll, with a minimum of 25 euros. Authorities will check the registrations of all vehicles travelling on roads with electronic toll collection charges, and if you do not pay the tolls within the legal time limit, you will be fined.

You can hire the transponder device for Via Verde for your car from Centauro Rent a Car. This is an electronic device that transmits its identification code, and this then permits Centauro Rent a Car to automatically charge you for your toll road usage and enabling you to travel hassle free in Portugal.

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