Spotify lists for an unforgettable road trip

Traveling by car is a different kind of experience. No hurries, driving outdoors in the middle of nature, deciding your route, when and where you will arrive. It is freedom and the genuine way to travel, in direct contact with the environment, whether crossing solitary regions and splendid landscapes or towns and cities.

Spotify lists can create an atmosphere of adventure, fun or romance with a good soundtrack for your trip. All this without the need for wifi or Internet connection.

The best of Spotify for your road trip

Go ahead and create some good Spotify lists for Road trips and have the best music at hand, without waiting and without limits. It may be rock, electronic, pop, classic songs or any other you’d like to sing at the top of your lungs while driving. Here are some recommendations.

Timeless road trip songs

Here are some songs that can give a touch of adventure when you go into an area of crops or pastures: “We will rock you”, by Queen, “Hit the road, Jack” by Ray Charles, “It's my life” by Bon Jovi, “Happy” by Pharrel Williams and “Why can't we be friends” by Smash Mouth.

Spotify Road trip Lists

Road movie soundtracks

Some road movies have become cinema classics. “Thelma and Louise” is one of them, as you surely will remember. Its most representative songs are “Wild nights”, “Thunderbird”, “The ballad of Lucy Jordan” and “Part of me, part of you”.

Another movie may be “The Straight Story”, which includes songs as “Rose's Theme” or “Laurens Walking”. From the shocking movie “Natural born killers”, which goes from romantic to terrible: “You belong to me”, “Waiting for the miracle”, “The way I walk”, “The trembler” y “The lord is my shepherd”.

Songs for a Road trip with family 

You can choose a sympathetic and rhythmic soundtrack that invites singing. An ideal playlist may include “La tarara”, by Camarón, “Buffalo soldier” by Bob Marley and “Bailando”, by Alaska y Los Pegamoides

Songs for a Road trip with friends

The power of the music can take you and your group far away in your imagination. Some songs to accompany you are “Voyage Voyage” by Desireless, “She's Leaving Home” by The Beatles, “Rise” by Eddie Vedder, “Pasajera en Trance” by Charly García and “On The Run” by Pink Floyd.

Spotify lists for your Road trip

How to create your own playlist

To choose your songs, look for the "new list" button on the bottom left of the Spotify desktop. Click it to open the creation tab. Type the name of the list and a description. Now press a green button that says "create".

To the right of the title of each song there is a three dots icon and the word "more". A menu will open with the option "add to the playlist", a second menu will let you choose the playlist to which the song will be added.

We hope to have helped you go on the best trip of your life, always driving on the road with music, to make the most of your Spotify lists.

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