Low cost Road trip: How to save on your trips

Traveling by car always has a special charm; going on a road trip gives you the freedom of driving your way and discovering new places and destinations that otherwise you would not know. If your dream is to travel more, let us give you some tips to save by planning your trip on the road.

Low-cost Road trip : How to organize it

Share a car 

Carpooling has its advantages... and it's not just about enjoying the company. If you are planning to go on a trip, you will probably want to travel with your family or friends, this will allow you to share the travel expenses between several people and get some small savings in one of the biggest expenses of the trip: fuel or tolls.

How to save with proper planning

Planning your road trip well in advance will be one of your best allies to optimize your budget and reduce costs. We recommend you to plan every detail of your trip, to find out the roads you will drive on to find the best route, plan your stops and locate the most interesting accommodations. But planning is not the end-all, improvisation is part of the fun in our trip.

How to save on fuel 

Fuel is one of the main expenses when we organize a driving trip. When going on a trip of many kilometers, every cent saved per liter of fuel counts in the grand total, so another important issue you can plan beforehand is the best gas stations to refuel. For this, you can use an app that helps you choose the nearest gas station with a good refueling price. One of the most useful apps to control fuel costs is Precio de gasolina al instante, it will allow you to see fuel prices in real time in more than 60,000 gas stations in Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy, Portugal and France.

How to plan a Low-cost Road trip

Car rental, your best ally 

Driving a rental car is one of the best ways to go on a trip and enjoy it your way. It is one of the options preferred by air travelers who travel by plane to a specific destination, and for those who want to go on a driving trip while being able to stop in the most charming places along the way. Renting a car will also allow you to save on the trip, by not exposing your own car to the wear and tear of the road, avoiding the technical inspection prior to a long distance trip and even future repairs if you have any incident on the road. For these reasons, more and more travelers are choosing to rent a car to go on their road trip, either in their own country or abroad.

Car condition

If you travel with your rental car, your vehicle will be always serviced and ready for you to relax and enjoy the journey. If you are going on a trip with your own car, you should check some important aspects of your car like wheels, windshield, engine, filters or oil, among others. Having all these in optimal condition will help you to save on the car’s fuel consumption and, consequently, on the trip expenses.

Efficient driving

Last, but not least, efficient driving can help you save some extra cash; go easy on the throttle, avoid sudden acceleration, make sure that the windows are closed at all times to improve the aerodynamics of the car and avoid tolls. Obeying the traffic rules and taking special care with parking areas will also help you avoid from the odd surprise.

If you want to save while driving, we invite you to follow these tips and enjoy the road, #Roadlover!

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