10 Recommendations for cleaning your car

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Who doesn’t like seeing their car shining like brand new? Sometimes, small gestures can make a difference; simple actions like washing your car makes it look like new even if we have had it for a long time.  Take note of these ten top tips for when you hand wash your car and you will be the envy of all your neighbours!

Before we continue, we would like to warn you that in some cities or town sin Spain it is forbidden to wash or repair your car on a public road. If you plan to do so just check with your local council to make sure that it is ok to wash your car in the street.

Lava tu coche a mano consejos

10 tricks to get the best shine on your car

In circles

The best way to clean a large area is to rub the surface by drawing circles; you can cover a larger area and can make sure that you do not miss a spot.

Choose the best time

As with everything in life, you must be patient when washing your car. It is best to dedicate some time at the weekends when we have more free time and are not in a rush.

Renew or die

Different parts of the car have different levels of dirt, our advice is that you change the water often, and of course, the water used to clean the wheels must not be used on the bodywork.

Soak it!

The most effective way to remove every particle of dirt from our car is to soak it first to loosen the stains. This step will make sure that no areas of dirt, however dry, cannot be easily removed.

Don not leave for tomorrow…

Stains that are left by birds or similar animals can leave serious damage and corrode the paint of the car. We recommend that you do not leave this type of stain on the car for too long and we should clean it off as soon as it happens. In this case, do not leave it for the weekend!

Newspapers for the windows

A perfect trick to leave your windows clear and bright is to dry them with newspaper; this leaves no residue and absorbs moisture very quickly.

Recommendations for cleaning your car

Keep in the shade

When you wash your car, choose a shady area, as well as being cooler, areas which you have just washed will not dry straight away and you can dry it yourself, preventing undesirable smears.

Divide & Conquer

Try not to clean your entire car at the same time. Our advice is that you clean your car by sections, starting from the top and ending with the tyres.

Use the right tools

When preparing to thoroughly clean your vehicle, prepare buckets, car soap, a sponge for the body, a leather suede, several microfiber cloths for drying, polish products and a vacuum cleaner for the interior, wax for the exterior and a brush for all the little corners. You will not miss a thing!

The icing on the car

When you have finished washing and drying all areas of your car, it is advisable to spray the body with a little wax and then rub the surface with a suede, if it made of leather, the better. You will leave your vehicle super shiny!

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