We've changed so much! What were the picnics like in the summer of '73?

Even after many years, a picnic never loses its charm. The traditional picnic has evolved over time but it is still a relaxing moment to share with our loved ones. Have you ever stopped to think about the picnics of yesteryear?

How the picnic has changed from 73 until now

We traveled back in time to the 70s, when Sunday escapades were one of these plans Spanish families could not miss, with their sun-soaked days, when picnic was enjoyed with red-and-white chequered tablecloths on the beach, parks or when the more fortunate who already had a car, took the opportunity to escape from the city and enjoy a day in nature.

It was very common for parents and children, uncles, grandparents and cousins ​​to band together and begin their journey towards a destination unknown. They set off aimlessly along the road, with their cars loaded with gear and the food they had prepared the day before, or earlier on the same day, and tried to keep pace with the car that had taken the lead, which was usually the one that decided the destination. When they spotted from the road a place with good trees that gave them shelter, they went down the unpaved roads and began the search for that perfect spot to enjoy the day with the family.

Picnic verano de 1973 y picnic en la actualidad

The wicker baskets were loadedwith mayonnaise salad, croquettes, delicious potato omelets and breaded steaks that the kids loved so much. People took with them the house glasses and plates, so they had to juggle to avoid breaking them.

The kids played tirelessly near the river, while adults chatted at the table or sitting in plastic chairs until it was time to take a nap under the trees, hearing only the sound of birds and nature, and as long as they had gotten the children to calm down, and they did not have any other Sunday driver around playing loud music.

Many things have changed since then, but we still enjoy the pleasure of taking our car and choosing a destination, sometimes known, sometimes a new place to discover, to share with our partner, our friends or family. The countryside, beach, parks …or any new corner we discover along the way, after all, what is important is the company.

viaje familiar en coche picnic

Although there are some things that have made life easier for us, like folding tables and chairs and the towels that protect us from the environment’s humidity, those comfortable thermal bags that keep the drinks cold or the sturdy backpacks where we carry everything we need to spend our day outdoors. Although we romantics still use our wicker baskets and chequered tablecloths.

Vehicles are much more comfortable, their air conditioning saves us from the unbearable heat of the past and are much more spacious. Music has always been with us through the years, but we no longer listen to it on that battery-powered radio we took everywhere, it is integrated in our car where we have our favorite stations memorized, or we listen to our Spotify lists.

Preparing food is still a ritual before going on a trip, there is much more variety and we now have pre-cooked meals, although omelets are still number one when it comes to enjoying our picnic outdoors.
The truth is, even after many years, picnic days will always be one of our favorite memories.

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